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Monday, September 28, 2020
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Business Concerns with Email and Email Security

Email is the mainstay of any business communication system. In a globally spread out organization, it plays a vital role in day to day dialogue within the business and as well as directly or indirectly related associations. If imperative safeguarding measures are not taken, the information sent over Emails is at high risk of being misappropriated. Thus, in order to have secure business over Emails, it is crucial that appropriate securing measures are installed. 

Viruses, eavesdropping, spamming and phishing are most prevalent security threats. Often received as an attachment, a virus is any piece of uncalled software or undesirable program, which has the potential of ruining the performance of the computer on which the email containing virus was opened. If the virus containing email attachment was not opened the risk can be quire negligible.  E-Mail filtering security solutions can help prevent virus E-mails from entering business mailboxes. These mail filtering security systems have the ability to classify an attachment based on characteristics, keywords, lexicons and data rules.
Wiretapping over a business network, stealing confidential information and\or changing the content before it reaches the intended recipient is termed as eavesdropping. Cryptography can help prevent this, by encrypting a message with a key at senders end and decrypting it with the same key at the message destination. A proficient approach to handle this is through TLS Encryption (Transport Layer Security), which uses advanced cryptography at the Transport layer to prevent eavesdropping, E-mail alteration and falsification.
Stealing sensitive information such as username, password and identity of a business or an individual is categorized under the act of phishing. Often misleading users to a fictitious website which appears like original, where in users enter authentication details, those details could then be misused by an unauthorized body. Phishing can be prevented by setting up a business specific threat policy system. A threat policy management system will not only put an end to phishing, but also Spam Emails, Viruses and other risky attachments. 
Spamming is the act of sending redundant unnecessary emails in bulk, usually with the intent of marketing. Spam Emails consume enormous space on Email servers and results in reduced productivity as the time the employees within an organization could have spent on another rewarding assignment, gets drained in interpretation and deletion of a spam. Spam E-mails creates a lot of network traffic which in turn causes delay in mail delivery. To avoid spamming businesses must blacklist known sources of spam emails by using an intelligent Email security system to stop receiving any emails from those senders in future. Some security systems also provide Email spooling functionality which keeps Emails in queue for some days if the sever goes down; this ensures no data is lost even during downtime. More importantly small business organizations are at very high risk due to lack of knowledge and understanding in this area. It is very important to install security software such as Worry Free Business Security from Trend MicroArticle Submission, Norton Security Suite etc. on all computers in the network irrespective of how often the computers are being used.

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