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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Cool Ways to Listen to Music

The above are only a few of the myriad ways and places to listen to the music of your choice.† In this hurried world today, please pick a few of them, and go for it as soon as possible.

The sound of music is...well, music to my ears!† It enters my brain on both sides of my head, and works it's way throughout my entire essence. Of course, that is if it is the type of music I enjoy listening to.†

Most of us are well aware that there are numerous types of music, but I have yet to see a list of how many ways and places there are to listen.† Therefore I decided to contribute a few in this article....and here they are!

One of my favorite is to go to a park, and if there is a swing there, I sit on it and slowly sway back and forth for a while, and just let the world go by.

At my young age, I can no longer climb a mountain, but when I can, I drive as close to the top as I can, and sit on the hood of my vehicle with my back against the windshield, or lay on the roof.

Another really pleasing and tranquil thing to do, especially when traveling, is to take the two lane back roads, and when you approach a creek or small river, stop and remove your shoes and socks, sit on the bank with your bare feet in the water...and if it isnít too deep, wade in it for a while.

Try motoring out to the countryside, find a roadside park or rest area, lay out a blanket, and read a book, or listen to your favorite music.

If it is that time of year when old man winter is on the prowl, and it happens to be snowing, enjoy a walk in it, or just stay on the porch and watch it.† Try to catch a few snow flakes in your mouth...oh yummy!

At night, during the summer, take a trip where there are lots of open spaces, and you will soon find the fireflies lighting up your life.

Whether itís summer, fall, winter, or spring, I can count on a few giggles when it comes to watching squirrels, rabbits, deer, or any other creatures at play.

Tooling in your vehicle past a wooded area on a nice day? Stop and open both doors, put on some soothing music, and dance to it with someone you love.

Walk bare footed in the mud, and feel it squish through your toes.

When is the last time you camped out in your back yard?

Is there an arboretum nearby?† Why not drop by and inhale the aromas of all the flowers?

I'm sure you didn't forget how to fly a kite, and imagine that you were the one flying

How about enjoying a sunrise or sunset?

Why not go on the web and look up the past....what songs did they sing?† What type of vehicles did they drive? What were the style of clothes they wore?† What types of dances were there?

If there are mountains or large hills not too far away, drive to the top---take a blanket, a book, plus some soothing music, and something cool to drink.

Walk around in the grass barefooted.

The next time it rains on a nice day, take a pillow and lay down in the back seat of your car, and let the rain drops lull you to sleep.

Take a drive with no particular destination in mind.

If it is the right time of year, drive out to the country after dark, and watch a field of fireflies, or just walk for a little while on a back road.†

Go out into the countryside on a clear and cloudless night with a pair of binoculars, or a telescope,† and when you begin to realize that all that stuff is really out there, it will make your problems seem very insignificant.

Rent a car from the fifties and/or a convertible, and go for a nice ride in the countryside.

Take a weekend trip somewhere, at least 200 miles away, and stay in a cabin in the countryside, or the mountains.

The above are only a few of the myriad ways and places to listen to the music of your choice.† In this hurried world today, please pick a few of them, and go for it as soon as possible.

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