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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Top 7 Best Hoverboards Based From Top Review Ratings

t is important to review the self-balancing scooter (a more suitable name for this gadget) before you buy one because their price is not cheap. But since there are plenty of hoverboard merchants out there, you need to check which one is worth your money. We want to guide you as you search for your own self-balancing scooter.

Which is the best hoverboard? This is no doubt a good question to answer ever since hoverboards went on viral. Many are excited to own not just a hoverboard but the top hoverboard available. It is important to review the self-balancing scooter (a more suitable name for this gadget) before you buy one because their price is not cheap. But since there are plenty of hoverboard merchants out there, you need to check which one is worth your money. We want to guide you as you search for your own self-balancing scooter.

If you go directly searching for hoverboards, you can notice that many of them almost look the same. Other hoverboard brands have even almost the same design. Therefore, it is important to check how you will know which one is the best to buy. Here in this top list, the 2 most important factors that we are considering are (1) the reviews each of the hoverboards have from verified customers themselves and (2) the number of reviewers who reviewed the hoverboard. This information is reflected in the rating and number of reviews. The good and better reviews the hoverboard got from people who actually bought the product, the better we know that this could be one of the best choices out there to buy. 

Some of the hoverboards in this list are now unavailable at Amazon. This happened when Amazon pulled the hoverboards for pending safety checks due to reported fires and explosions. Amazon made that move to ensure that the self-balancing scooters sold there have undergone applicable safety standards check.

After the pullout of hoverboards, 3 of the original list is still on top and 4 new hoverboards are added.

So, here are our new top 7 best hoverboards in Amazon based on the number of customer reviews and their ratings.

The top 7 to choose for the best hoverboard in Amazon (with a quick review):

  1.  Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

Razor Hovertrax can easily be distinguished with the design on side of its wheel. This scooter is constructed with durable, shatter-resistant polymer build and rubber wheels. This features silent and dual hub motors for a smooth ride of up to 115 minutes. With this hovetrax, you can glide seamlessly, spin 360 degrees and other tricks through controlling the maneuver by foot. Your foot can rest in an anti-slip foot platform. This is recommended for ages 13 and above with a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs.

  1. Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion (White)

This Leray Self Balancing Scooter is the same as the black Leray which is also on this list. Both are the same model of Leray electric scooters. So, the review for the Leray black scooter below can be applied also to this one. The difference is the color and price. This has a cheaper price which is the main reason why this is included in this list.

  1. Hover X Self Balancing Hoverboard With LED Lights

Hover X is an American manufacturer company of hoverboards. This a brand that is trusted by Amazon. In fact, the Hover X hoverboards are exclusively sold by Amazon. This hoverboard features a max speed of 9.3 mph along with a 36V/4.4Ah battery range of 10 miles. This scooter can climb of up to 15 degrees. This comes with a 90 day warranty.

  1. Hover X Self Balancing Hoverboard With LED Lights

This is the same model with the above Hover X hoverboard. The only differences are color and price. This one has a little bit lower price than the above White Hover X brand.


  1. Powerboard by Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Powerboard hoverboard is one good candidate for the best which competes with IO Hawk, Leray and Swagway. It offers a smooth and simple acceleration which can reach speed of up to 8mph. You can easily control this one and master the maneuvers of this scooter. Your fun never stops early with this one since you can ride this one of up to 6 hours. And not just that, you might not find enough time to relax and rest since you can recharge its batteries in just 1 hour. It can carry also a heavier load with up to 220 lbs. Purchase this one and get a One Year warranty with support based in the US.

  1. Leray  Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″

This Leray is another top-rated hoverboard out there. This hoverboard features a strong, stable, quiet and energy-efficient motor that can achieve a maximum output of 500W. This model is powered by high-end battery technology and with an intelligent battery management system that monitors the status of every working cell for a great performance. It is also light with 12 kg weight. Its speed rating is 8 km/h. The charging time can take to 2 up to 2.5 hours with its LG Lithium 18650 battery. Its load rating is 90 kg 220lbs. We recommend that you check this model out, the title takes you there

  1. Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Board

Swagway X1 joins the list as an excellent choice. One of the fastest and lightest models around which weighs 26.5 pounds and runs at 10MPH. Its battery can get you to 20 miles distance which is pretty good. This scooter can be a really good hoverboard for beginners. You can learn fast how to control and ride this thing in which you can do zero-degree turns and a 15-degree incline. This can be an extension of the fun that you can do with your skateboards. It has a dual motor and with its sensors, it can respond to your movements. And did you know that this is best selling hoverboard right now on Amazon? It sits at the top, this speaks so much of this model with a lot of personal reviews which you can also check.

Bonus: Here are 3 additional helpful guiding tips for you before you finally decide which is the best hoverboard that you want to own:

  1. All of the possible choices listed above consider the rating of customer reviews of verified purchases and the number of customers who purchased them in amazon. Reviews coming from different people who have used the product are extremely helpful for your decision also. So check them out and read them.
  2. Make sure that you buy only from the makers or authorized and official distributors of the hoverboard brand that you want. Check also each of the seller’s reputations through customer’s reviews and experiences.
  3. FinallyFree Articles, check on the included warranty and customer service before you buy it. Include this in your checklist if you are looking for the official distributors of the electric scooter you will buy.

That’s it. Good luck and we hope we have helped you choose the best hoverboard for you. Enjoy your ride!

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