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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Solar Power Systems Gather Solar Energy In Any Light - Even On Cloudy Days

Almost every country on the planet Earth is searching for unique ways to supply energy our homes and businesses, it shouldn't surprise us that the issue of producing solar power would come up often in conversations.

Almost every country on the planet Earth is searching for unique ways to supply energy our homes and businesses, it shouldn't surprise us that the issue of producing solar power would come up often in conversations. As most individuals understand the basics of how solar modules work and what can be done with storing the energy, there are still many people who do not understand some of the logistics of how solar energy is collected, stored and used.

Now we will proceed to give you some basic information that will help you to make right some of the myths about what can and cannot be accomplished when it comes to the production and use of solar power.

Possibly one of the most admired myths about the use of solar power is that on days when the weather conditions are stormy or sunshine is at a minimum, anyone who relies exclusively on solar power will just have to go off line and make the best of it. This is not the case for several reasons.

With the use of up to date solar modules, they can still harvest a certain amount of energy, even on an gloomy overcast day.

As it is true that the amount of energy that can be collected is less than the amount that can be captured on a sunny day, the process of collecting goes on any time there is any amount of sunlight at all. In addition, the energy is stored in batteries that are commonly referred to as solar batteries. These deep cycle batteries are kept charged and ready to pick up the slack when required, through the use of either a separate charge controller, or one included in the off grid power inverter. The stored energy in these batteries are released to take care of power needs during the nighttime hours as a supplement to what is gathered on a cloudy day should the need arise.

Many countries experience sufficient sunlight on an average day to use solar energy as a practical source of electricity for operating their homes. As an example, France experiences 2.5 - 3 hours of energy producing sunlight per day during the course of a year. This average is more than sufficient with current technology to handle the power demands of the average household without draining the deep cycle batteries down to nothing.

As the technology advances, the solar panel module will be able to collect enough energy from the sun’s rays on both overcast days and even night time to be able to handle an even greater demand.

At this time, solar panel modules can collect in the range of fifteen to twenty percent of the useful energy collected as compared to that of a cloudy day. Through the use of solar array tracking devices, this low percentage range is enough to run the home by itself, without the need to rely on any of the battery stored power that would be available. Even now, with our current technology, solar power systems are not only a realistic way for meeting individual demands on a small scale, but also provides us with the capability to create a large resource of stored energy for future use, simply by expanding our current array of solar modules and deep cycle battery banks.

Even though harnessing the Sun’s energy was first looked at in the late 1950’s, it has only been the last couple decades that the work done has made decent progress. While the concept of solar power has made some great strides in the past thirty years or soFind Article, proponents say that the next decade will see a number of technological advancements. These new discoveries will make harnessing the sun’s rays even more viable as a means of not only safe and clean power to for our homes but also for businesses and public utilities as well.

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