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Friday, January 28, 2022
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5 Fear Based Emotions That Destroy People

Let's face it. There are only two ways to approach life. You either honor the fears in your life, or you love your life. You see, the opposite of fear is love. If you honor the fears in your life,...

Let's face it. There are only two ways to approach life. You either honor the fears in your life, or you love your life. You see, the opposite of fear is love. If you honor the fears in your life, these 5 fear based emotions will destroy you. What do you honor?

1. Anger. Do you know anyone that is always angry? These people are angry at everyone. They are angry at their spouse, angry at their children, angy at their co-workers, angry at the traffic, angry at the long lines they are standing in, angry, angry, angry.

I know a few people like that, do you? Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I wonder why that person is so angry?' I know I have. One person in particular comes to mind. With this particular person, my opinion is that this anger derives from feeling a lack of control. I was always taught that if you have a need to be in control, then you are out of control.

But make no mistake, anger definitely comes from living in fear. Maybe that person is fearful of losing a business, or losing an income, or losing a person in their life, or whatever.

2. Jealousy. Aaah, the 'ole jealousy emotion. This is by far the biggest destroyer of them all. Excuse me here, but I have to relate this fear based emotion to relationships, more specifically a sexual based relationship. After all, the most powerful emotion since the beginning of mankind is sex.

If you suffer from severe jealousy of a spouse or partner, you need to take a closer look at yourself. To overcome jealousy you have to overcome your own shortcomings. The way I look at it, jealousy is a fear of being out of control. You can't control if someone cheats in a realtionship anyway, if they are going to cheat you can't stop it, so don't fret it. And again, a need to be in control means you are out of control.

3. Resentment. Carrying around resentment, in my opinion, comes from a failure to communicate and/or express your expectations of another. Once again, I know a particular person that carries around loads of resentment for family members. This person expects certain business family members to perform certain tasks, and when they fall short, resentment explodes. The fact of the matter is that this family member that falls short of expectations doesn't even know that task or tasks was expected of them in the first place. A classic case of miscommunication.

Resentment is totally created by the person carrying it. It takes loads of energy to carry around resentment. Refocus that energy in a focus, productive way and just let go of this crippling emotion.

4. Anxiety. We all have felt this type of emotion in some way, shape, form or fashion. Feeling anxious begins at an early age. You are anxious because you don't want to be late for school, or you don't want to miss the bus, or you have to be home at a certain time, or a certain project is approaching a deadline, and on and on.

Feeling anxious, in my opinion, results from trying to meet certain expectations of others. To relieve this emotion, simply replace your expectation or the expectations of others, with an aspiration. You simply aspire to do your best. You aspire to be on time. You aspire to perform at your highest level. When you aspire and not expect you are not dissapointed, and your anxiety will fade.

5. Insecurity. The emotion of feeling insecure affects millions. Feeling insecure in your relationships, your finances, your marriage, your job, etc. A lack of self-esteem combined with a poor self-image is a major factor in feeling insecure. How do you overcome feeling insecure? My rule of thumb was always 'just go to work'. Work hard, aspire to do your best, and let the chips fall where they may. When you have a 'hard work attitude' combined with an aspiration to do your best, you self-image will increase dramatically.

Do you suffer from any of these 5 fear based emotions? Remember, the opposite of fear is love. Love casts out fear. SoPsychology Articles, try loving more and letting go of fear. You will see a dramatic effect in your life and your business.

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