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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Acupressure For Induction of Labor

Holistic practices are growing in popularity and acupressure is no exception. More and more women are using acupressure not only for induction of labor but to control their pains during labor itself as well as dealing with pregnancy related symptoms such as nausea and backache.

When you are absolutely yearning to be introduced to your new baby it can be tempting to be looking to find methods to hurry along his arrival and using acupressure for labor is one of the safest and most effective ways to do this.

Acupressure is an ancient type of Chinese medicine and works on the belief that belief body contains energy “chi” which moves around the body by way of of 12 different channels or “meridians” which correspond with specific key organs of the body. The energy is then stimulated by rubbing certain specific pressure points, using the thumbs and fingertips, to lead that energy towards precise organs, allowing the body's self curative powers to work at mending and energising specific areas.

Not only can a mother use acupressure for labor but it can also be used for maternity related conditions such as sickness and back ache and for reducing the pain from contractions. These are some common points to induce labor:

Hoku - This point can be found on the top of your hand in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. Press on an angle below the bone that connects with the index finger. To stimulate contractions, massage the point. This point can be used for pain relief with regular pressure during contractions.

Spleen 6 - On the inside of the ankle, trace up four of mother's finger widths above the ankle bone. Massage for about 1 minute.

Bladder 32 - This point is halfway between the dimple in the buttocks and the spine. You can discover it by tracing up one of the mother's finger width's above the top of the buttocks crease. You should feel a small depression where the point lies.

Pressure points are naturally sensitive and can feel to a mother, like touching a bruise. If the pressure point has been correctly found there should be a sensation almost like a numbness sometimes accompanied  by a tingling feeling around the region that is being rubbed. If this feeling becomes too much for the woman to bear, then simply move on to another pressure point.

One of the most beneficial moments to use these pressure points is if a mother is already in labour and needs to strengthen her contractions or if her waters have not yet broken and active labor has not yet begun. It can also be used as a way of inducing an overdue babyArticle Search, if the thought of a medical induction is troubling

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When waigting for your baby is getting you down why not give acupressure a try as a method of 

induction of labor  . It is safe and easy to use and has no side effects lon the mother or baby. For more information please visit my web site at

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