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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Maternity Nanny: Giving new dimensions to the role played by a nanny

This is true to a huge extent, but, apart from this there are various requirements for which the parents might feel the need of an assistance or a nanny to look after the varied needs of a child, even when they are at home.

Now, this at first point might sound quite surprising to most of the people, that when they are at home, then why they will need the help of a nanny. You will agree, that whether you are a working woman or a housewife, you will not immediately get back to your working schedule as you had been in pre-delivery period, because at that time you are not physically strong to undergo your hectic working schedule and need some time to regain your health. At that time, as you are unaware about different types of infant needs, you need someone to assist you and tell you the ways of looking after your newly born baby, especially if you are a new mother.

Moreover, as you are strongly attached to your newly born baby, it might be difficult for you to clean his body or feed him properly and look after his other needs. Therefore, going through the concern of such families, the trend of providing the services of maternity nanny through nanny agencies is getting popularized across the world in current scenario. As compared to regular nanny that is in-house nanny or daily nanny the role of maternity nanny is quite different.

The nanny offering the service of a maternity nanny expertise in the task of baby feeding and therefore helping the new mother in understanding the proper way of feeding a newly born baby, sterilizing, looking after his dietary requirements, giving the bath to the infant, washing his clothes, etc. The services of a maternity nanny are required throughout the day for six to twelve weeks, depending upon the requirement of the family.

Now, the question arises that as these nannies are literally different from regular services, what precautions a family should adopt while finding a maternity nanny for their family. In this regard, there factors which are helpful  to the parents in hiring the services of a nanny to help them in looking after the basic needs of their newly born baby.

  1. The most important factor to consider in this regard is not stuck on the first nanny you have interviewed. On the contrary, it would be better to interview at-least six to seven nannies from the list of maternity nannies provided to you by the agency.
  2. During interview, it would be better to look after her personal grooming like are her nails clean, has she properly combed her hair etc. Because, the skin and health of an infant is quite sensitive he easily gets affected by different types of infections and bacteria that might transmit into body as an infection.
  3. One more thing which needs to be paid attention during an interview is to see, that did she reached on the time for an interview or not.
  4. While interviewing, it would be better to ask about her habits like eating habits, sleeping habits etc. Because, a newly born baby requires utmost care during the early days after his birth, and therefore a nanny looking after his care, should be sensitive and always alert to look after him as soon as she hears the sound of crying.
  5. Cross checking the references provided by her. Although, the agency from which you are hiring the services of a nanny properly undergoes all these checks, but still doing this at your end will offer you peace of mind towards the care of your child.
  6. Moving ahead, also do not forget to ask about her expectations from the family, because as she is going to stay with the child throughout the day for almost six to seven weeks, she will be like your family member. And, therefore, not only you will be responsible for making appropriate staying arrangement for her but also you have to look after her basic needs. ThusArticle Submission, asking about her expectation will help you in assessing and satisfying her demands.

Keeping these factors in concern will definitely help you in finding an appropriate maternity nanny for your child.

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