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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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College Money with No Cosigner – Student Loans Are Available

Trying to finance a college education these days is tough. However, even if you have no cosigner, student loans can be found through several different channels.

Trying to afford a college education in the 21st century is not easy. We are in a depressed economic time which simultaneously makes college a necessity for getting a secure job while making affording that education nearly impossible. The worst part about this is that the tuition costs for every school from community colleges up to Harvard just keep rising. Potential college students who lack personal savings or a family with the means to help finance an education traditionally need to turn to student loans. However, these loans are hard to obtain for some people who have bad credit and no cosigner. Student loans are available, however, if you know where to look.

Government Option

The most popular way to finance a college education with no cosigner on your student loan is through government-sponsored programs. Many people have heard of Stafford Loans and Perkins Loans, which are those offered by the federal government to help pay for college. You apply for federal money through your college’s Financial Aid Office. These student loans offer some distinct advantages:

• No Cosigner Required – many private lenders will ask you to find a cosigner on your student loan, especially if you have bad credit. Government loans do not require this.

• Credit Is Less Important – the government’s standards for issuing student loans are much more relaxed than most private lenders. They may not even require a credit check and if they do, they are generally much less strict as to what qualifies as acceptable credit.

• Delayed Repayment – the number one benefit of most government-sponsored student loans is that you do not need to make immediate repayment on them. Instead, you begin to pay for them only after graduation. Some loans, such as Subsidized Stafford Loans, do not even accumulate interest as long as you are in school full time.

The best way to figure out which government-sponsored student loans are right for you is through contacting your school of choice. There are several educational lending professionals there that will help you determine what you need and what you can get.

Going to Private Lenders

Once you have exhausted your options in terms of government loans, there are still other ways to get the money you need to pay for school. Several online alternative lenders specialize in granting educational loans and other bad credit lending solutions that you can use to meet your school payment requirements. However, there are some key differences between private lenders and the government:

• Immediate Repayment – since the private loan that you take does not have government subsidization, it is likely that you will begin to make payments on your tuition money immediately. However, even a part time job can suffice in terms of the monthly payment needed. Some lenders may even work out that you only need to pay interest charges as long as you are still in school.

• Credit Is More Important – when working with private lenders, your credit history will be more important than with the government. Though many lenders do offer bad credit college loans, you will need to be prepared to pay slightly higher interest rates due to your poor credit in the past.

• Cosigner May Be Required – in the event that you cannot qualify for a college loan on your own, many private lenders will ask you to find a qualified cosigner. Often a parent or older relative with a stable job is a good candidate.

You Can Go to College

Even though the prospect of finding several thousand dollars to finance a college degree can seem impossible to you now, it is by no means that way. There are options for funding your college educationFind Article, even with no cosigner. Student loans are available in many shapes and forms. You just need to know where to look.

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