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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Damage From A Grow House Can Be Irreparable

A rising trend in many suburbs in the number of illegal marijuana grow houses that not only destroys the homes involved but can also effect property values in the community.

Officials estimate that just in Canada there could be over 50,000 residences being used as grow houses for the organized cultivation of illegal marijuana crops that could command up to $1.6 million on the market for the up to sixteen hundred plants which can be produced in a single harvest. Organized growers are locating their operations in the suburbs where they realize individuals are much more likely to not noticed and not raise to many questions or be suspicious of their neighbours.  Both landlords and home purchasers need to be on the alert for the types of damage to the property that professional growers leave behind and the potential risk they pose to the neighbourhood on the whole.
Professional interior marijuana cultivating activities require very strong lights that are often rigged up on networks that go around normal electrical circuits and create local electrical system strains, resulting in outages and causing a risk for a potential fire.  The chemicals utilized in cultivation can leave behind a dangerous residue, and it often happens that a house will have a damaged structure from poorly done alterations.  Massive water damage is an additional concern caused by the size of these grow houses and mold and mildew buildup can be so significant that the structure must be totally torn down. If you are looking for a home in the suburbs and find a Brampton house for sale where the asking price looks to be to good to be true you will have to ask the listing agent if it has been a grow house.
Traditionally these houses are not occupied in on ongoing basis and signs of sporadic habitation are the primary clues that a professional growing operation resides there.  Good contenders include homes that have strong light shining through the windows despite the fact that the blinds and shades are always drawn tightly.  Another suspicious factor is the amount of water that may accumulate on the windows and in the winter the warmth from the lamps prevents the snow from accumulating on the rooftop. No area is resistant to this and purchasers searching for for Barrie real estate listings need to be on their guard so that they will be able to protect themselves from being saddled with one of these homes.
Alarm bells should also be triggered if a home in a relatively peaceful neighbourhood has "no trespassing" signs or imposing electrical fences that indicates an unnecessary level of security.  Vicious watchdogs are sometimes left on the property to keep away unwanted visitors, and as they are usually unattended they often bark incessantly.  On the other hand, be weary of a house that displays "beware of the dog" signs but does not appear to have dogs on the property. Owners of grow houses may even put out "for rent" signs to help justify the strange conditions that are present around such a property.  Often the ventilation has been reconfigured and grow houses, generating a lot of indoor building noise and causing strange "skunk-like" odours. The authorities in Hamilton have found and closed down many of these activities which helps to prevent a a decline in the value of Hamilton homes for sale as it keeps communities safe and gets rid of the criminal element.
Another questionable activity involves backing the car into the garage, even for quick visits, and always using the garage door. There is often no trash piled in front of a growing operation for weeks, and when there is it usually consist of things like plastic pots or empty plastic bags of fertilizer and soil instead of normal household trash. Debris from interior buildingFree Web Content, scraps of PVC pipe or aluminum shielding can also be indicators that an illegal grow house is operating in the area.

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