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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Wealth is a Choice

Wealth is a Choice an each person has to make that choice. I give people a simple system for wealth. Everyone can have wealth with this simple system, because it your mindset and once you make a choice, Then you have a new belief once you make that choice.

Wealth is a choice. Your decision has been made now let's look at all the different aspects of making money online. Internet marketing business starts with a hosting company, a domain name, and getting an auto responder. Most of us start out with an affiliate product because we do not have our own product created yet. Since wealth is a choice and you have made that choice let's look at how to build wealth with your Internet marketing business.

So let's break down an Internet Marketing Business.

Traffic is the most important part of an Internet Marketing Business. I know if you do not have, any traffic coming to your website you do not have a business; and you can not make money. What are the forms of traffic that are out there? There is paid traffic like pay per click which brings high results. You can go to Google ad words and learn about pay per click advertising. I have chosen to write articles and submit them to article directories; because it's free, which works on a shoestring budget. Another new form is videos to get people to your websites. As is viral marketing, and there are many forms of viral marketing. You have to choose which way of marketing you want to use just like wealth is a choice so is the way you market a choice; and traffic is the result.

Once you have traffic coming to your site the next thing is to capture the names and e-mail addresses of the people to build your list. It is said on the Internet that without a list you don't have a business; Why? You are now building relationships with the people who gave you their name; and email. Your list is a loyal group of subscribers that have come to trust you, and when you recommend something they buy it. Not everyone just a percentage of your list buys every time. This is why building a list is so important to your business. Your list has 5,000 subscribers and 1% buys as an average. That means 50 people were buyers and the product was $47.00 so that is 2,350 dollars. Now you do that 3 times a month that means you made $7,050 that month. Most families in America could live on, because wealth is a choice and they made the decision to choose it.

Affiliate marketing is marketing someone else's product and making a commission or profit; and everyone on the Internet has affiliate products; and someday you will have affiliate products to sell.

The principle is if they give you 50% to 70% of every sale; the owner gets the remainder. The affiliates that really understand this give you to higher commission; because they figure they will sell more of their product, and the people selling it can also make a nice living on it. I know 50% is not the best: I push the ones I get 70% on. I have to sell less to make the same amount of money. Then there are high ticket affiliate items that you can make a couple hundred dollars on each sale. Once you have that list of 5000 subscribers, other people want to do joint ventures with you so you can recommend their product to your list, they make sure you get compensated through commissions for the one time mailing to your list. So to email your list is your choice just as wealth is a choice for everyone to make.

The last thing I mentioned in the first paragraph was creating your own product. There are many ways to do this, but the most common way is to write an e-book; and I used a course that helped me write my first E book in seven days. The next product would be a series of videos or CDs on your particular niche with a higher price point; some of these sets range from $397 to $495 and up to almost $1000 online. That means it takes a lot less sales to make the same amount money. Like the example I gave earlier; if you were selling a $495 product you would need about 15 sales to make your $7,000 again. But if you got a 1% conversion rate from your list as earlier that means you would have $24Find Article,750. Just like wealth is a choice everything we do is; and you are making the right choices on the road to building wealth; with your Internet marking business.

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Bill Leahy is full time internet marketer; teaching people a simple way of understanding Wealth.

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