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Monday, November 11, 2019
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Beginning Weight Training Workout

If you're a beginner to strength training, remember these guidelines and incorporate them into your weight training routines.

Beginning Weight Training Workout

If you’re a beginner to strength training, remember these guidelines and incorporate them into your weight training routines.

For some reason most people begin strength training using machines then progress on to free weights when they have “mastered” machine weights. Always train with your bodyweight first, (i.e. push up’s, bodyweight squats) before adding any type of external weight.

There is no need to “master” machines as they take no learning, anyone can push a fixed weight up and down, machines do nothing to prepare the stabilizing muscles for free weights. You’re much better off learning how to control, stabilize and then move your own body before lifting external weights.

The only exception to this rule is if you have poor strength to bodyweight ratio.

A beginner will increase strength much faster than a seasoned lifter, use total body workouts or upper/lower body splits (training the upper lower body on separate days) There is no need to “blitz” individual muscles using bodybuilding routines.

Always perform large compound exercises, which are exercise’s that use multiple muscles at one time.

Start your strength training routine with a” break in program” using high reps (12-15) to prepare the muscles and tendons for the following programs, which will increase in intensity. A beginner usually does not need to use any more than 2 sets per exercise, there’s no need to do anymore as your body has made very few adaptation’s to exercise.

Train movement patterns instead of body-parts, incorporate functional exercises into you strength training routine where you;

Bend Lunge Squat Push Pull Twist

Don’t try to lift too heavy too soon and give your body at least 48 hrs recovery between workouts to let your body recover and adapt to the load your placing it under. Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits, veg’s and wholefoods and get plenty of rest.


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Dan Clay


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