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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Are Arabica Beans Really the Top Choice?

The debate about Arabica versus Robusta coffee beans have been going on for as long as coffee lovers have had a choice between the two regional varieties. Read on to help you make your choice.

The debate about Arabica versus Robusta coffee beans have been going on for as long as coffee lovers have had a choice between the two regional varieties. Some prefer Arabica coffee for its smooth, velvety and creamy flavors with mellow notes while some prefer Robusta coffee for its stronger kick due to its higher caffeine content. Some prefer a blend of the two varieties because it offers the best of both.

Yet the question still remains: Are Arabica beans superior in comparison to Robusta coffee? According to the coffee experts, the answer is a resounding affirmative, although it must be said that a growing number of coffee experts are also taking a second look at the Robusta variety. It is the growing consensus that, when harvested in the right conditions, Robusta coffee can give Arabica beans a run for their money.

You may also use the following criteria used by experts in judging the merits of coffee when deciding which of the two varieties of coffee best suits your palate:

• Acidity refers to the sensation of dryness experienced under the tongue’s edges and the back of the palate, which provides the bright, sharp and vibrant quality of gourmet coffee. Arabica beans have higher acidity content than Robusta beans, thus, its desirable winey taste.

• Aroma refers to the subtle nuances that contribute to the flavors of coffee. Arabica beans have a sweet, almost blueberry-like aroma while Robusta beans have a grainy, nutty smell.

• Body pertains to the heaviness, thickness and richness as well as viscosity that coffee has in the mouth and tongue. Arabica has more body than Robusta, thus, the former’s popularity as a high-end product.

• Flavor pertains to the coffee’s overall sensory perception especially in the mouth. Acidity, aroma and body all constitute the concept of flavor of coffee with words like bright, dry and sharp; caramel, chocolate and fruity; mellow, sweet and spicy; and delicate used to describe desirable flavor characteristics. In this aspect, Arabica beans are considered the most flavorful variety in comparison with Robusta.

In the end, it all boils down to personal preferences in how a good cup of coffee should taste like. You will like Arabica beans because of their superior acidity, aroma, body and flavor but you will also want to drink Robusta coffee because of its richer cream and stronger kick.

After all, when it comes to coffeeFree Web Content, it is a free country so drink up!

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