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Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Cooking in College Recipe that Works Really Well!

What are two words to describe the average college student? I choose busy and broke. I can say this because I am a veteran of the college experience and know what it means to bring my own beverage to a buffet to cut costs, or to use a sandwich maker to make breakfast.

For some reason it is customary to be absolutely poor with no time to do anything about it when in college. Which means students are forced to try to purchase a meal plan or live on the poor mans diet. For more details go to: If you are a college student or the parent of a college student, I know your struggles and want to help you to find a few easy solutions to help relieve the burden of having no resources or insight into cooking in college.

The first solution I want to offer is for students who are not cooking in college because they do not have a stove or microwave in their dorm room. I was in this position in school, which forced me and my roommate to get really creative when meal time rolled around. Remember that sandwich maker I mentioned earlier? Well it came in so handy for us that we ended up making meals for our friends on it. Traditionally created to put meat and cheese inside two slices of bread, the sandwich maker then seals the ingredients between the slices for a good-tasting hot sandwich. We of course saw limitless possibilities the unique product and used it to make square pancakes, fry bacon, and scramble eggs. While it seems a little over the top, it actually worked. We were able to eat well without needing a stove only an available plug.

But if you are one of those lucky college students who have pots, pans, eating utensils, and living quarters with a stove, you are in luck even if you do not know what to do with them. For more you can visit to: let us say for instance your Mom gave you several cans of vegetables and some frozen chicken? You have been eye-balling that chicken forever knowing that you do not know how to fry it. And the last time you tried to bake some it was still frozen in the middle. There is an easy and very healthy solution to this problem. It is called homemade chicken noodle soup. Sounds intimidating, huh? Well do not let the word homemade fool you, it is very simple.

To get started you simply fill one of those large pots halfway with water then toss in about four pieces of frozen chicken legs and thighs. Turn the fire up to high until the water boils then turn it to the low setting to simmer. Let the chicken simmer until you can poke a fork into easily it then throw in the vegetables you have, corn, carrots, and green beans are good, after draining the water out first. Season the soup with a good amount salt, some chicken-flavored bouillon cubes if you have them, and a little pepper for taste then throw in some egg noodles, Ramon Noodles can work too. When you are able to pull the meat off the bone with no trouble and the noodles are soft, you are good to go. This recipe makes cooking in college completely simple.

One last Cooking In College recipe that works really well for either the sandwich maker or a skillet is cheese quesadillas. They are incredible to eat and can be made in large quantities for a cheap price. All you need is a bag of flour tortilla shells, usually about USD 1, a bag of shredded cheddar cheese or a Mexican cheese blend, either one usually about USD 2-3, and 2 jalapeno peppers about USD 0.15 each. Butter either the bottom of the sandwich maker or skillet then warm both tortilla shells in the butter for a great flavor then set them on a plate. Next cut up some jalapeno peppers in small bits and spread them evenly on one shell then cover with a liberal handful of cheese. Place the second shell on top then put in the skillet on high heat or place in the sandwich maker, you may need the cut the shell to fit the size of the sandwich maker. If you are using a sandwich maker, you simply close the lid and let it heat the quesadilla up on both sides simultaneously. If you are using a skillet, wait until the cheese melts then carefully flip to brown the other side. Take out in about 1 minute and you are ready to eat. Cooking in college is pretty easy, would not you say?

There is an abundance of information on ways to successfully manage your time as a student while also cooking in college. And if your friends are anything like mine were, once they smell those great meals coming from your room or apartment, they will be trying to eat at your house every day. But just politely let them know they can do it on their own then point them to this article about cooking in college. Trust me - you will be able to hold on to your food easier that way.

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