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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Paleo Diet Recipe The Caveman’s Existence

In recent years the Paleo Diet Recipes have gained in popularity. Understandable,  healthy nutritious diet of lean meat, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, seeds, herbs and natural spices. Paleo recipes are dairy, gluten, soy and preservative free.  A diet for long term health and well being.  I have often wondered what the Caveman’s life 10,000 year ago would be like this release is not scientific but based on my imagination.

Paleo Man, Caveman, Hunt Gatherers and Stone-Age Man are all the same people of the Paleolithic Period. The Paleolithic people moved in small bands always traveling by foot. Daily existence was a constant challenge for survival. Imagine all food had to be sought after and captured. Getting wild plants could be a challenge based on the seasons. In spring and summer plants (plants, leaves, roots and seeds) would be plentiful. Caveman living near streams or oceans in ideal season’s fish would be plentiful. But for meat and clothing caveman hunted wild animals with crude stone made weapons.  Weapons made from trees, sea shells, stones, animal antlers, animal bones and animal teeth. Caveman because of diet and exercise and were physically fit. Physical fitness was necessary for travel, hunting and kill fierce wild animals. Killing a raw animal was a venture of kill or be killed. I am assuming the many Caveman were killed or seriously injured in their pursuit of wild animals. Keep in mind, that once the animal was killed the Paleo man did not have butcher knives. Dead animals had multiple uses. The meat had to be cut with crude tools and or torn from the animal. Skins and fur were used to clothing and shelter. The bones could be used as weapons. Caveman were Hunt Gatherers and any food obtained had to be consumed before the food spoiled.  In the medieval period foods were preserved with salt. In modern day foods or processed with additives and preservative and there is refrigeration. The Caveman had none to these technological advantages. Wild animals were also physical threats Caveman had to guard against predictor raw animals.

Caveman love and happiness. The alpha men may have clubbed his woman of choice in the head and dragged her into his cave. Once in the cave the caveman could have his way with the female. Scientific studies claim Cavemen and Cavewomen were monogamous. Mating was advantageous for both the man and woman body and soul. Mating increased the family’s productivity and safety. A male mate provided protection and security for the women and children.  No high romance but practical survival and respect.

Caveman roamed not only looking for food but also looking for shelter. In cold seasons Caveman traveled looking for warmer climates for shelter. Regardless, of the primitive place of shelter Caveman was constantly looking for food. Reason, farming had not be invented. Farming enabled man to say in stationary locations. Plant planting had not been introduced until the Neolithic period. During the Neolithic period man planted foods, fire had been invented in a controlled method. The Caveman did not eat grains or potatoes. Uncooked these foods have toxin. Cooking kills the toxins in grains and potatoes. The Neolithic man because of cooking was able to expand their diet by cooking and growing grains and potatoes. The Caveman did not eat dairy produces animal had not be domesticated. The Caveman did not drink cow’s milk or goat’s milk. There again the Neolithic period ushered in animal domestication.

Imagine no stationary home. While traveling by foot toddlers had to be carried. Things modern man takes for granitite the caveman  no supermarkets, no cars, trains, no airplanes, no electricity, no natural gas, no schools or library, no medical facilities, no internet, no central heat or air conditioning, no IPods, no Microsoft or Goggle. Everyday necessities were none existent during the Paleolithic Period. Surviving the elements was everything. These primitive man and women were a part of man’ evolution. Man progress has been a slow evolution over thousands of years. The Caveman and Cavewomen paved the way to modern society. Ancestral man left the modern man an invaluable gift. A diet that gives maximum nutrition, health, physical energy and fitness. Paleo Recipes are gluten, dairy, soyFree Web Content, peanut and preservative free. Food allergy diet for people with food intolerances. Surge in Paleo dieters mainly because of diets delicious  anti-toxic health benefits for the whole family. Paleo diet recipes are not bland and tasteless. There are plant alternatives to grains and dairy resulting in healthy delicious Paleo Recipes.

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