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Monday, March 25, 2019
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Tea Drinking Tips

You will find that there are many beneficial substances in tea that make it good for you. The more tea that you drink, the better you are going to feel. You will find that one of the best features in ...

You will find that there are many beneficial substances in tea that make it good for you. The more tea that you drink, the better you are going to feel. You will find that one of the best features in tea are the poly phenols, that are basically a very strong anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are great because they actually slow the aging process and help to strengthen the immune system all at the same time.

Another health benefit of tea are the lip† polysaccharides that actually help to reduce the harm caused by toxins and other radiation. There is also caffeine in the tea that will help you reduce any fatigue tht you are feeling and clear your mind. Tea also has fluoride in it to help reduce tooth decay. Lastly, you will find that flavonoids are something in tea that actually can help you lose weight by burning fat.

Since there are so many benefits to getting tea, you want to make sure that you understand the history of this. There are tips for drinking tea that you need to know so that you can enjoy tea to its fullest.

Donít Drink Tea When Hungry

You will find that tea actually prevents the secretion of the gastric juice and reduces bile in your stomach. This will also cause more absorption of the proteins and nutrients that you have. When you drink tea and you are hungry, you will actually lose your appetite.

Do Not Drink Tea That Is Too Hot

Tea that is hot is dangerous for you, it will actually irritate your throat and it can cause inflammation. It will also cause this to happen to your esophagus and stomach lining too. You possibly can even cause some damage to those areas of your body in terms of permanent scarring.

Brew Your Tea Light

Most people think that they should brew everything strong, however strong tea can be harmful. Sometimes, doing this will cause it to have too much caffeine which can create headaches and restlessness. Donít use too many leaves when you are brewing your tea and donít brew it in water that is too hot.

Brew Your Tea for a Short Period of Time

If you brew your tea for too long, you will find that the liquid will get really cloudy or dark. This will also cause the flavor to be bitter and in some cases it may be undrinkable. By overbrewing it, you are going to lose the precious nutrients that are in the leaves such as the anti-oxidants and the amino acids.

Donít Re-Brew Your Tea Leaves Over and Over Again

You will find that you can use tea leaves over again, but you only want to use them about three or four times, after that point you want to discard them. There are actually some teas that you can brew over and over again like Pu-erh and Oolong tea. But, donít be stingy, get fresh tea leaves often, it will just taste better.

Donít Drink Tea Heavily Before a Meal

Tea makes you lose your appetite, but it also makes food tasteless. So, you want to make sure that you are not drinking tea about 30 minutes prior to eating a meal. You want to make sure that you are getting all the protein that you need.

Donít Drink Tea Right After a Meal

You will see that the same rule will apply to drinking tea after eating. Tea has tannic acid in it and it actually binds together with iron and protein, so that these are not absorbed into the body. Just as you donít drink before a meal, donít drink for about thirty minutes after meals.

Donít Take Your Medication With Tea

The tannic acid in tea will also stop your body from absorbing the medications that are in your system. Tea will actually make medicine fail, so donít take it while you are drinking tea.

Drink Tea that is Fresh Brewed Only

You donít want to drink tea that has been sitting. You will find that if you leave your tea out for a long time, go ahead and throw it out. Tea contracts bacteria extremely easily and if it is left out overnight it can be really bad for you. Donít drink old tea, brew a fresh cup.

If you follow these tips and the advice out there on drinking teaScience Articles, you will find that it will actually do your body good and will provide a lot of benefit to you.

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I am Angel Chen, a tea lover and tea specialist comes from Fujian, China - the hometown of tea.†† Tea has different benefits which can be useful for our health.† It is nature's benediction as well as implicating culture and philosophy.† I have a dream to bring the most authentic Chinese teas and Drinking Tips to all the tea enthusiasts

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