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Sunday, December 9, 2018
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Assurance in Doing Natural Pest Control for Fruitflies is Finally Here

Keep in mind that fruit flies often breed in several places, so make sure to spend some time hunting. You also need to perform periodic searches of new breeding places to be able to control fruit fly populations. 

Controlling fruit flies requires searching for their food and breeding places, controlling their numbers, and eliminating things that attract them in the first place. The most effective way of getting rid of these insects is to apply the methods near the source.

Fruit flies are incredible breeders able to establish abundant populations, especially if there is ample food. Fruit flies are able to mate as soon as they evolve from pupae to adults — in as little as two days.

Fruit flies abound when there is wide availability of food. Search for traces of waste or rotten food in and around the house. Start your search by looking at places where garbage is located. Look in bins, dumpsters and containers inside and outside of the house. Look for trash that may have not landed inside the trashcan. (If a trash bin has lots of flies, assume there are maggots as well.) Even if a potential fruit fly breeding place contains no flies or maggots, it must be marked for later management. 

Thorough cleaning will gradually diminish fruit fly populations. (Cleaning is an opportunity to search for additional fruit fly breeding places and dispose of sources of food for the insects. Cleaning also eliminates odors and food crumbs that easily attract fruit flies.

Preventing Fruit Flies in the Future

You aren't done after applying those eradication methods. The next step is to make sure those pesky fruit flies do not appear again by applying some preventive measures. Here are some things to consider when you are setting up the defense.

  1. Clean Up Dirty Dishes
    Make sure there aren't any dirty dishes lying around in the sink. Get in the habit of cleaning your dishes straight after you are done with eating a meal.
  2. Cover & Get Rid of Trash bags
    Make sure your trash cans are well covered. If you are unable to invest in a solid trash can with a bin then at least cover the open can with something like newspaper. You want to keep the odor contained as well as possible.
  3. Get Rid of Damp areas
    Look around your home, specifically in the bathroom and the kitchen, for any unnecessary damp area. Gnats, especially drain gnats, get attracted to these kind of damp areas so do your best to keep them as dry as possible. Is there a leaking pipe? Do you have water pouring in from the outside when it rains? Find out the source and fix it.
  4. Change pot soil
    If you have indoor plants at home and you are certain the gnats and fruit flies are coming from them then you may have to change the pot soil. Invest in top-quality soil, which are unlikely to contain unwanted pests (including ants) and weeds.

Particularly where fruit fly pest control is an important issue, biological control is achieved using certain species of parasitic waspsArticle Submission, bacteria (e.g. Bactrocera dorsalis) and fungus (e.g. Bactrocera oleae) that infect fruit fly adults.

Check your local pest control service provider if your effort is not enought to eradicate this type of insect. 

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