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Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Faster Way of Killing as Perfect Ant Control Strategy

If you've got ants, you want a fast solution to your problem. Chemical sprays cause ants to separate. Then, instead of having to deal with one nest of ants, you have to deal with two or three or even more. Using chemical sprays may kill the visible ants, but it is not how to get rid of ants quickly. Some folks don't like to use chemicals and will only bait, this is ok too, but be sure to keep the bait fresh and eventually the ants will die off.

Chemical sprays seemed to work for a little while, but as temporary fix. It would kill the immediate invasion of ants, but not the second and third fronts. Some people use baits and pesticides to take care of ants. But a natural approach is proactive as well

One other technique is to have a walk around the outside to see if you can see any trails of ants going into a crack or crevice of the home along the perimeter. If you find this, use the gel bait and place along or right in the trail and also try to find a good granule bait to sprinkle near the trail.

Killing ants fast is a tough thing to do once they have found their way into the home. If you are faced with a swarm of ants on your counter tops or anywhere in the home it is best to look around and be sure that you remove anything that will attract the ants. 

Another alternative is to place baby powder along the base of all doors, windows, and any other opening. Ants will not cross a baby powder line as it kills them immediately. This is one method of how to get rid of ants quickly.

While baby powder is a preferred solution, others use coffee grounds. Ants don't like coffee grounds either and they form a barrier. Just make sure that you don't you don't use an expensive blend!

Another version of using food to repel ants is to sprinkle some Cream of Wheat around. The ants carry the granules back to their nest and feed on them. When the Cream of Wheat interacts with the internal body fluid of the ants, they explode. Problem solved.

Just as there are things you can do during the day to answer the question of how to get rid of ants quickly, there are things you can do at night. Ants are nocturnal creatures. Your best bet for finding the ant's nest is to follow the trails at night.

Dried orange peel, and a little effort on your part, will make the ants go running for their hills. Get rid of ants naturally with hardly any trouble at all!

Mix 5 tbsp. of cornmeal with 3 tbsp. of bacon grease into a paste. Then add 3 tbsp. of baking powder and 3 packages of yeast. Place the mix on jar lids located near the ant nest. The ants will literally love it to death!

This may sound like too much work or a little complicated to get rid of ants, if this is the case don't forget there is always your local pest control company who is willing to help.

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