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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Using Trapping Method A Helpful Flea Control Ways Which is So Natural

Even better, not only are flea traps non-toxic, but they are cheap too. The question is, do they work? Flea traps may seem like a winner in your battle against fleas, particularly if you are wary of using chemicals on your pet.

Once you see some fleas in your home, you must take action to get rid of them. One thing you can do right away is make your own flea trap. You will most likely already have the items in your home, so you can construct one right away.

Although there are chemicals available as flea control products, fleas become resistant to chemicals with every generation. What most have found effective are flea control home remedies that are natural yet effective methods to control fleas in house.  

Setting a Flea Trap 

You can make a flea trap out of a bowl of soap water. Leave this bowl of water overnight under a lamp in your pet's environment. Fleas are attracted by the heat of the light. They will come to the bowl and drown in it. This is useful in controlling the population of adult fleas. However, if the idea of leaving a bowl of water close to your pet does not appear too appealing, then you could also opt for electric flea control traps available in stores. They come with a source of heat that attracts fleas. The fleas then stick to glue pads in the traps and this prevents them from escaping.

Flea traps are very simple devices.  The trap usually consists of a sticky mat or disc , above which is a small electric light bulb.  The idea is that the light bulb gives off heat which attracts the fleas; they mistake it for an animal's body heat.  Once the fleas hop over to the light they become trapped on the mat, which has become sticky due to the heat from the light.

Commercial flea traps have some form of guard or grate around them so that although the fleas can jump through, your pets or children cannot touch the sticky mat.

There are a few benefits offered by flea traps:

  • They are cheap.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • They can show up a flea infestation before you manage to detect it on your pet, so they are a good early warning system.

Although flea traps are cheap, it is worth remembering that you will need to buy replacement sticky mats or discs on a regular basis as they will become clogged either with fleas or other insects and household dust.   Can Flea Traps Get Rid of Fleas?

A flea trap is definitely effective in catching the adult fleas that are in its vicinity.  But it will only catch adult fleas, and it will only be a small proportion of the fleas in your home. Flea traps are completely ineffective against the immature stages of the flea life cycle, so you would need to use a second method of flea controls to deal with them.

All this makes it sound like flea traps are a waste of time and money.  However, although they won't rid your home of a flea infestation, they can serve as your early warning system that a flea problem is imminent.  This is particularly useful if you are not a fan of a regular spot-on or oral flea treatmentFind Article, for instance if you rely on natural flea repellents.  The flea trap is ideal as your back up plan.

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