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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Adding Cupolas to Rooftops: Things to Know

A cupola is a roof topper primarily used to add lighting and ventilation to homes. They are décor elements that enhance the look and feel of exterior parts of a home and are found atop traditional hou...

A cupola is a roof topper primarily used to add lighting and ventilation to homes. They are décor elements that enhance the look and feel of exterior parts of a home and are found atop traditional houses, rustic log cabins, barns, garages etc. Cupolas, like many other structures used in home design and construction, are available for sale throughout the year. Here is more about the roof topper and how you can select the right one for your building.

What are the benefits of using cupolas?

Cupolas help in ventilating buildings and brighten up indoor areas. They allow the moist air from within the house to escape while aiding more fresh air to seep in. Using one in your house helps keep the building cool during hot summer months and dry during the wet ones. They are a boon to homes located in humid regions as cupolas prevent issues like mold, mildew, rotting wood, or paint that peels from too much moisture.

How to select the right cupola?

In order to choose the right cupola for your home, assess these factors – the design, size, and number.


Cupolas may be decorative or functional. When used for decoration purposes, these structures sit atop the roof from which no part has been removed. There is no internal access available either. Functional ones are used for ventilation or illumination or both. These may include vanes for ventilation or windows for illumination. Square cupolas are fairly common and the most widely used. However, you could also find hexagonal and other base shapes, which add an element of interest and beauty. When choosing a cupola on sale, determine whether you want it for a decorative or functional purpose and pick one whose materials and style blend with that of the design of your building.


The size of a cupola refers to the measurement across the bottom of its roof. The size of the structure has to be well matched to the size of the roof for proper functioning as well as aesthetics. To select the right size, measure the unbroken ridgeline on your roof. Unbroken indicates that the roofline has nothing in the way, such as weathervanes and chimneys. If broken, measure till the dip. As a rule of thumb, multiply this unbroken ridgeline measurement with 1.25 to arrive at the perfect size. For e.g, if your unbroken roofline measures 24 inches, the cupola size it needs is 30 square inches.


Cupolas may be used in singles, but you can also install them in series of two or more when the roof length is 48 feet or more. Use same-sized structures when installing twin cupolas. For three or more, use a bigger one in the center, and smaller ones on either side.

Put all of these tips together when selecting a cupola on sale. If you are still unsure of how it would fit onto the roof, simply cut out a cardboard replica and asses visually before buying.

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