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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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An Alternative Treatment For HPV

The article talks about the various therapies involved, which includes chinese traditional medicines and some common western medicines for HPV. It also talks about the alternative medicine available for HPV cure which come from India & South Asia.

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is actually a group of several viruses, which can affect areas where mucous membranes are located and on the skin. Thirty to forty percent of the over one hundred strains are contracted by sexual intercourse. Papilloma means warts or benign tumors and is the most common symptom. The time from infection to outward signs of the virus can be years. Treatment for HPV varies due to virus type and if the remedy chosen is medically or naturopathic/homeopathically based.

HPV may be asymptomatic in most people. A common activation for the viruses is stress or a compromised immune system. This dormant infection can then manifest as genital or plantar warts. Pre-cancerous lesions or dysplasia can occur in mucous membranes and may develop into cancer. Sexual transmission of the virus is the most usual, hence genital infection the most common and warts the most usual external symptom.

HPV treatments in the Western medical model treat the existence of warts with immune modulators. These treatments focus on disrupting the Papilloma infection's development. In-home treatment offers a couple of different creams. These are to be used only for external warts. Treatments in a medical setting can treat external or internal warts with a gel or acid based solution. For larger areas or sized warts, surgical solutions include the use of laser, freezing, or removal. For all treatments there is a likelihood of repeat applications and some side effects.

Natural-based treatments look to other cultures and techniques to treat the pains and discomfort caused by disease and illness. Common practices include homeopathic, traditional Chinese medicine, and Indian Ayurvedic therapies. Using plant extracts, mediation, massage, and other techniques, the whole body is treated. Balancing the entire body is the general idea of bringing health to the person.

Homeopathy is based on using substances that cause symptoms that are similar to the ones common ailments cause in a healthy person. These substances are then highly diluted. In this diluted state the therapy is given to a person who is exhibiting the same symptoms. It is thought that like will cure like.

Aspects of Chinese medicine are being incorporated into Western medicine. Acupuncture and massage being two most commonly accepted. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses on how well the body's functions are operating and flowing. Western medicine primarily focuses on the body's anatomy. TCM incorporates food, herbs, massage, and acupuncture to bring healthful functioning to the body.

The traditional treatment in India and South Asia is through the Ayurvedic medicine. Basic thought of this treatment is that natural urges should be expressed but not in excess. Hygiene and meditation are also incorporated. Medicine is mostly plant-based, but also included oilsPsychology Articles, and animal products.

Search online for alternative or homeopathic treatment for HPV. There are many practices that approach health and treatments of illness as a whole body experience. Many do note on their sites that they do not suggest these treatments are to done instead of common Western medicine. It is suggested that treatments be used in conjunction with your doctor's recommendations.

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