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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Better Social Life - How to Overcome Extreme Shyness.

Shyness is a major human problem. All over the world, people feel perturbed by this problem at one time or another. Shyness is known as social anxiety disorder (SAD). It can cause problems when a pers...

Shyness is a major human problem. All over the world, people feel perturbed by this problem at one time or another. Shyness is known as social anxiety disorder (SAD). It can cause problems when a person just cannot move around people. It becomes a handicap for him/her. Such kind of shyness can cause people to stay away from crowds and gatherings. It can have huge impacts on their social lives and careers. The reasons, which lead to such shyness, are a low self-respect, depression and the aim to be perfect. Such socially shy people also avoid situations that require them to interact more. This includes opportunities of promotion.

A person can get rid of such shyness through many ways. Make sure that you try to inculcate yourself into the social set ups. Try to move out as frequently as you can. Generally, shyness is also accompanied by factors like excessive sweating of the hands and trembling. Such kind of reactions can be cured by biofeedback training.

Most of the shy people even try to avoid meeting people just across the street often veering into other directions.

Psychologists have often suggested that refraining from social encounters makes the condition of a person quite worse. This can worsen the shyness problem. In fact, it makes him believe in all those fears. Therefore, doctors motivate people to think about the situation in a new manner so that they are able to overcome the fear. Apart from that, they can also be made to partake in such situations so that they do not hate social exposure. Even behavioral therapy has been used on such people to get them out of the shyness problem. Most of the cognitive treatments focus on going into the past of a person so that he/she does not feel shy anymore. Maybe, some incidents of the past are responsible for his condition now.

Drugs are also useful for making a person combat this kind of a social anxiety. Such drugs include anti depressants. SSRO (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), drugs can ensure that a person becomes more sociable. These drugs help a person in redoing the quantity of own thoughts which lead to such social shyness.

There can be amazing results once drugs are used to cure this problem. However, what when the drugs are not taken any more. A person will feel shyer. These days SSRI drugs are taken by so many people to reduce the social anxiety problems in North America. Sometimes, such drugs can have side effects like insomnia, sexual dysfunction and weight gain.

Even kids who have been victims of bullying at schools can become socially shy when they grow up. If someone has been criticised a lot due to bad parentingHealth Fitness Articles, he/she can also end up as someone who is socially shy. Curing such shyness in time is important because otherwise a person can also damage to himself/herself as an act of depression.

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