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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Botox: Frequently Asked Questions About This Type Of Filler

This article centers on Botox and the procedure of injecting it for cosmetic purposes. Some of the FAQ's for Botox are answered here.

Botox is a brand name for a substance that is directly injected unto parts of the face. The basic purpose of this procedure is to minimize the development of wrinkles and to arrest those that are already forming. The substance is actually derived from a bacterium that is lethal to human beings if ingested as a whole. The use of this is for muscle spasm, twitching, spasticity and some issues in the eyes. Other uses include but are not limited to underarm sweating and prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. The usual areas of application are those around the eyes but these can also be administered somewhere else in the face.

Safety and Side Effects:
The safety of the Botox injection is high. The reason behind this is because it is derived from the lethal bacterium and is not as potent as the bacterium itself. Doses are usually too low to actually have a fatal effect and the people who administer them should be qualified doctors who know how to handle it. The effect of the injectable lasts from three to six months, which is usually followed by the patient requesting more injections. This means that the substance eventually goes away from the body and has no lasting apparent negative side effect. Temporary negative side effects of one session might be headaches immediately after administering, slight symptoms of the flu and some queasiness or nausea. A slightly drooping eye has also been reported as a significant side effect but this goes away after a few days. The effects on pregnant or lactating women may be magnified compared to those who are not so it is not advisable to administer it to them. For a small percentage of patients, injections made consecutively may result to shorter period of efficacy because the human body eventually develops antibodies for the bacterium derivative. On the other hand, some patients enjoy longer effects of the injections with continued use.

Part of the safety of the administration of Botox is the person who injects it. A medical doctor is always the preferred person to do the procedure. This is because he is qualified to administer it as well as capable of treating any negative side effect that may result from the injection. Patients should take precautions against quacks that claim to be qualified to do the procedure.

How it Works:
The basic concept of the injectable is to block the normal release of a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine. The result of this prevention is the temporary paralysis of the area in which the Botox is injected. It also pulls the skin tight causing a smoother, tauter effect on it. The desired results come out a week after administering the shot. Originally used to treat eye problems and muscle spasmsFree Web Content, it is now widely used for cosmetic purposes. It is highly effective but needs several applications per year to have a continuous positive effect. The frequency of the applications is dependent on how fast the effects last on each individual. Some applications last for just three months while others can go for six.

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