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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Can Sleep Apnea Make Heart Problems Worse?

Heart disease is one of the major health risks experienced by millions of people these days. It is an umbrella term that includes a host of heart related infections and irregularities, heart failures and coronary artery diseases.

If you think, something as serious as heart disease should have warning signs, forget that because as you go about your daily life, you may be developing heart diseases unknowingly.

What could be the early Signs of Heart Problems?

If you have heart problems, how would you recognize the symptoms? Well, the first sign of heart problems is often a heart attack or a similar serious event, but there are few cardinal signs also that might help you in recognizing the problem before it come to your head. Some of the early signs of heart problems may come and go and hence acts like a mere annoyance. These symptoms of heart diseases are:

  • Discomfort in your chest that lasts for few seconds to hours.
  • Difficulty in breathing even after a moderate exertion like walking up stairs etc
  • Unbearable pain in upper torso, jaw and neck.

Also, you will be signaled as your blood vessels becomes narrow due to the plague building around that makes it difficult for your heart to pump and circulate oxygenated blood throughout the body. Symptoms of Heart disease that involves blood vessels are usually signaled by:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chest pain
  • Changes in extremities such as pain, coldness, numbness, tingling and weakness

What are the symptoms of Heart stroke in men and women?

It was believed earlier that pain in chest is the only symptoms of heart disease like heart attack and stroke. However, in rather more specific terms, while the most common sign of heart attack in men is Chest pain, there are only half of women who get chest pain before heart attacks. Women on the other hand are more likely to report back or neck pain, heart burn, vomiting, extreme fatigue, indigestion or problem in breathing as an early signs of heart problems.

What to do?

Knowing the early signs and symptoms of heart disease and heart stroke, what will you do to safeguard your cardiac health? Well, in order to recover quickly from these symptoms, one must seek a timely medical treatment. Schedule regular checkups with doctor and notify him about any changes in your health. This will help in establishing a rapport with your doctor and determining if there occur any symptoms of heart diseases in you. This will also help you in expressing any concern to your doctor that may arise in future.

Heart Disease and Sleep apnea

Results also suggest that Sleep apnea can also be an early sign of heart problems as it can increase the risk of heart diseases. The connection between heart disease and sleep apnea arises from the breathing interruptions while we sleep. The lack of oxygen in body not only decrease blood oxygen levels but also put stress on heart raising the blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Over the time, these symptoms might damage heart and lead to heart attacks.

After discovering the relationship between heart disease and sleep apnea, we can conclude that not only your heart problems but sleep apnea also requires treatment and management. Getting a hold over sleep apnea can decrease the impact; sleep apnea can have on heart diseases.

Our heart is designed to keep a pace with our body activities during the day, thus at night it decreases blood pressure and beat slower. However, interference by a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea can disturb its rhythm, leading to certain symptoms of heart diseases like heart attacksPsychology Articles, strokes or high blood pressure. Treatment of sleep apnea can definitely decrease the workload on heart and other crucial organs in our body.

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