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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Can Sweat Cause your Body to Breakout?

Sweat is natural and toxin releasing, it is good for our bodies but could it be possible bad for our skin? The author discusses the rumor involving sweat and acne, and gives you the true reason  behind why sweating can cause break outs. She also gives tips on how to not allow sweat to be a factor in the causes of acne.

                Those little beads of water that trickle down your face or back on a hot day are a part of our everyday life.  Whether we sweat from exercising, or from temperature, or just from being nervous, there is not stopping it, even if you wanted to. This is your body’s natural way of controlling temperature. Without this control, we could all overheat and that would not be a good thing as we all should know. Sweat is natural and toxin releasing, it is good for our bodies but could it be possible bad for our skin?

                The answer is yes and no. Sweat does release toxins from the body through the sebaceous glands, which if you did not know, are the same glands that has been linked to acne. In healthy skin, your natural oils are released through these glands into the pores on your face via hair follicles. When those pores get clogged, with dead skin cells or dirt and grime from the days travels, the sebaceous glands still keep producing. Sometimes, the naturally occurring bacterium that is found on the face gets stuck in the mix causing for a breakout of swelled irritated pimples on the face.  So how is sweat involved? Well, bacteria thrives in warm moist atmospheres so when you are sweating, the bacteria on your face produces more and more which makes a person more likely to break out. This is how you can receive acne from sweating too much, but it is not the direct link.

                So what is your best option for dealing with acne and trying to prevent the breakouts from reoccurring? Products, products, products. The only problem is you have to be careful about choosing your products due to the fact that some contain ingredients that will clog your pores more, and others are just plain dangerous for your health.  You best bet is to find products that are all natural and light weight. Try products with tangerine oil or glycolic acid, both of these are known acne fighting ingredients and are so smooth that they will not clog your pores.  Actually both of these additives do the complete opposite; they exfoliate your face releasing the dirt and grime. It is almost like you start fresh every time you wash your face.

                Sweating cannot be avoided as stated above, so we all are going to have to find a way to work with our natural body functions. Try washing your face with a product including the ingredients above every time your work out, or are out in the hot weather. If you are out in an area where you cannot wash your face immediately after you sweatArticle Search, wait till you get home and wash your face. It will not harm you any further if you wait a little while.  This new routine that you will develop will help in eliminating sweat as another factor in the creation of acne.

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Ava Rae Green is a student studying dermatology in New York. Since her spin with acne, she has been very dedicated to helping others rid their face of acne quicker and more efficiently. She has written many articles on the topic of debunking rumors of acne; like chocolate consumption and physical contact, while also make truth of what the general public considered to be rumors.  One of these rumors what the fact of sweat can affect the skin in a negative way by aiding in the formation of acne.

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