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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Could Botox Create the Zombie Nation?

Buying good looks is very common.  No matter if you are a boardroom executive or a bored housewife, you have probably given some thought to creating a better looking face.  After all, Mother Nature isn't always kind to faces over forty.

Looking your best has never been easier.  There are so many avenues from which to choose – just thumb through any slick magazine, your local newspaper or log on to a favorite news site and the choices become practically endless because many, many advertisers are vying for your dollars proclaiming that wrinkles, sags and bags can be remedied using these expensive lotions, potions and serums.

 Buying good looks is very common.  No matter if you are a boardroom executive or a bored housewife, you have probably given some thought to creating a better looking face.  After all, Mother Nature isn't always kind to faces over forty.

 Looking younger is an international epidemic resulting from the idea that we are living longer than our ancestors and that if we want to successfully compete in today's world we must continue to look young and vibrant.

 Again and again we have heard that sixty is the new forty; we know that our grandparents and parents did not look like we look now at the same age and most of us have decided that we are going to fight aging every step of the way.

 There is nothing wrong with fighting a good fight to keep an aged face at bay, after all, who wants to look old?  It's the methods offered that can cause great concern for our long-term good health that needs to get and keep our attention.

 Maybe you have decided that plastic surgery is not for you.  Cutting perfectly healthy tissue in the name of beauty has its drawbacks – the incidence of infection, recovery time, time away from the family and job, dissatisfaction with the results and the risk of death are all hazards that can be avoided just by saying no.

 What about a "liquid facelift"?  It isn't so dangerous, right?

 A liquid facelift is performed with needles bearing serums that plump and paralyze.  It seems that users of these serums have forgotten or maybe they have never been told that long-term testing has not been completed on most of these toxic injectables, so it's truly a buyer beware life and death scenario.

 What is really interesting about these serums is the paperwork presented by physicians that require your signature when you are serious about using these preparations.  

 Usually one believes that a physician has your best interests at heart but after reading the paperwork that outlines the contraindications of Botox, one has to step back and consider the blatant ramifications of allowing a toxin to be willingly injected into the body. 

 Knowing that Botox has only been approved for the frown lines between the eye brows, it is curious that it is being used "off label" for other areas such as crow's feet, vertical neck bands and more.

 The warnings include the usual superfluous ones like swelling, redness at the injection site and maybe a drooping eyelid that will probably correct itself in a few weeks – certainly in less than three months.  The very telling danger lies in the words of caution such as:   

  • Paralysis of a nearby muscle that could interfere with opening the eye(s)
  • Disorientation, double vision or past pointing (dizziness or imbalance)
  • Temporary asymmetrical appearance
  • Abnormal or lack of facial expression
  • Local numbness
  • Headache, nausea or flu-like symptoms
  • Swallowing, speech or respiratory disorders
  • Facial pain
  • Product ineffectiveness
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Nerve irritability       
  • Production of antibodies with unknown effect to general health
  • Death
  • Serious disability

 Some of the most unusual authorization aspects are the statements that a patient must agree to if they choose Botox:   

  • I am aware and accept that no guarantees about the results of the procedure have been made or implied.
  • I understand and accept that the long-term effects of repeated use of Botox Cosmetic are as yet unknown. 

 The effects of Botox are temporary yet the effects can be lethal.

 Scary indeed especially now that there is evidence that the serum migrates via the nerve cells.  Having a Botox'd brain may mean you no longer have full access to your faculties.  What if this results in slowed or deliberate speech or even worse?

 Why chance any occurrence that could potentially harm your good health?  What price beauty indeed?

 What if you could easily begin to stop frown lines without using anything harmful?  Would you be interested in knowing that a tightened forehead is possible using only exercise?  Could you invest in yourself with an all-natural alternative that requires no doctor visits or any type of invasive procedure?

 This all-natural alternative is isometric and resistance exercise.  Yes!  Exercise can easily change the shape and contour of your face and once you learn the routine, there is no need for further expenditure because the technology is yours forever.  Just keep in mind that exercise can work for you like facial plastic surgery and Botox by addressing:  droopy eyelids and brows, sagging cheeks, jowls, pouchesBusiness Management Articles, double chins and more

 Imagine looking ten to fifteen years younger without ever relying on invasive injections in the face or risky surgeries that require repeating.  These modalities do not always make you look younger; rather surgery and injections mostly make you look like you have had work done and maybe even a little freakish.

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Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness with over thirty years experience in health & beauty related fields. 

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