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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Cure Cold Sores - 5 Essential Tips on How to Cure Cold Sores

Do you suffer from recurring cold sores? There's a good chance you have herpes simplex virus and will continue to get cold sore breakouts for the rest of your life. This article will teach you 5 essential tips on curing cold sores for good.

Finding a way to cure cold sores is top priority if you are someone that suffers from them.  They are painful and at times unsightly making you wish they were gone the instant they appeared.  Many will refer to them as cold sores but they are actually caused by herpes simplex virus and will show up around the lips, eyes and genitals.  The worse part is that they can cause some pain, uneasiness and some inflammation making them that much more annoying.

1. There are a few tips to cure cold sores that can help speed the process along.  Since they are caused by a virus there is of course no way to cure them instantly but you can help to get rid of them quicker than if you did nothing at all.  A very important thing to remember is to keep the sores clean and dry; avoiding covering them with any kind of makeup as may worsen the irritation.

2. To accelerate the healing process and to avoid any bleeding, spreading or cracking you can dampen the area with petroleum gel.  If the affected area is around your lip you can add some lip balm that has SPF so that you can avoid irritation to the blisters.  Numerous cases of cold sore infections are actually due to excessive exposure to bright sunlight.

3. Tea has long been referred to as one of the natural healers and that is also the case for your cold sore.  A dampened tea bag placed over the affected region can help to east the pain and uneasiness and to reduce inflammation.  Tannins that are found in tea are actually anti-viral which is why they can help you cure cold sores more quickly than if just left alone.

4. Foods that are rich in lysine are a wondering thing to eat when you have any type of cold sore as lysine is known for its ability to help the body fight infection.  Lysine also works to prevent the virus from further replicating itself.  Two foods that are rich in lysine are potatoes and dairy products.  Avoid foods that have citrus and arginine as much as possible.  These foods would include chocolates, whole grains and peanuts.  Vitamin C is a way to help your body heal itself and so consuming foods high in it is another great idea. 

5. Herbs are used for many things and they can also help to cure cold sores.  Two herbs that are widely used for this are sage and peppermint.  Simply add a drop or two of the extracts and allow the anti-viral effect of these herbs to do the rest.  Echinacea is also a wonderful boost to the immune system and is something I used whenever I feel myself coming down with anything.  It always helps me to get over whatever it is rather quickly.

These are just a few ways to help you cure cold sores but hopefully they can help you get rid of any that you have a little quicker than you would have otherwise.

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Rebecca Lyle was diagnosed with herpes at a young age. She suffered from cold sores until her early 30's when she discovered a natural holistic treatment that has kept her free from cold sores ever since. Discover how to cure cold sores naturally by visiting her website which offers free tips on how to cure herpes:

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