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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Diet for Diabetes and Types of Carbohydrates

Right diet is very important for diabetics, people who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is uncureable by modern medical methods and the only way to stay healthy is to control the blood sugar level.

An important aspect of the diabetes treatment is controlling what, how often and how much you eat. Surveys show that many people think that diet protects from diabetes, but they have very little understanding of how it really works.
Diabetics should avoid carbohydrates (but not all), fats and in some cases - the protein.

Simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by an organism. Because of their fast absorption feature these carbohydrates are called quick sugars. These are ordinary sugar (sucrose), fruit sugar (fructose), milk sugar (lactose), grape sugar (Glucose), malt sugar (maltose). They are part of sugar, honey, jams, confectionery, soft drinks, sweet drinks. The fast carbohydrates containing products are prohibited for diabetics.

Relatively difficult carbohydrates are sucrose, lactose and maltose. They are also absorbed by an organism, but relatively slowly, so they called the slow carbohydrates. They are part of grain products: bread, pasta, corn bread, potatoes and beans. The products can be consumed in limited quantities.

More complex carbohydrates are cellulose and Glucogen. There are also carbohydrates, which are not absorbed by an organism at all. Such is, for example, cell substance. In the intestines they accumulate and create a sense of overfeeding. This kind of carbohydrates include vegetables, herbs, fruit (but sweet fruit - grapes, fig, persimmon, mulberries, Bali are forbidden), berries (beans, lentils), wheat and hard varieties of wheat made from pasta products.
Insulin and diet. People that have Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) believe that the restrictions do not concern them, because the input from the external insulin takes care of their blood sugar levels. This is absolutely wrong. Protection of diet is necessary in any case - if a diabetic receives a meal prepared from ordinary products the blood sugar rise sharply, which is supplied from outside can not be overcome by externally supplied insulin.

Diabetes and drinks. Alcohol drinks (vodka, cognac, whiskey, Rum) are also undesirable, especially - for diabetics. But home-made, natural, dry table wine contains lots of vitamins and micro elements, so its consumption adoption in small quantities is even advisable by.

Carbonated drinks such as Coca - Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, Lemonade, etc are prohibited.

Diabetics food regime is, first of all, depends on the mode of treatment. Insulin in this regime is paying people more strongly to defendComputer Technology Articles, because it is necessary to obtain food from insulin injections during the specified period of time. If the delayed injection after the meal may be the level of sugar in the blood fell sharply.

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