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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Donít Let Fear Stand in the Way of Overcoming Binge Eating

Don't let fear stand in your way of overcoming binge eating disorder, or any aspect in your life.† Take a stand and make a decision to be stronger than binge eating disorder and to overcome it and live the life that you've always wanted.

When it comes down to binge eating, motivation for something, or even some kind of training, it is all about mind over matter.† Itís about you believing in yourself enough to do what it takes to obtain your goal of overcoming binge eating.† Itís you never giving up until you have achieved what you want.† Itís not letting any obstacle stop you from finding another way to get there.†

Throughout our lives, we are faced with many different struggles along the way.† Are you going to be the type of person that lets struggles take your eyes off of your goal of overcoming binge eating or are you going to be the person that lets the struggles motivate you even more to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to go?

You know, this can be applied to absolutely everything in your life.† Binge eating, your family, health, money, and the list goes on and on.† What is it that YOU want?† What is holding you back from getting what you want out of life?† Think about all areas of your life that are not being lived to the fullest because ofÖ


What is fear?† Itís simply:





Why let fear control your life and how much you can achieve?† After all, a fear is just something that you have made up in your head for whatever reason.† Think about the times when you conquered a fear and actually surprised yourself because it wasnít nearly as bad or scary as you thought it would be.† Or maybe it was hard to initially overcome, but then you started to see yourself in a new light.† As a stronger person that is capable of doing more than you ever thought.

Looking back, I was afraid to stop binge eating.† I just wasnít quite sure what my life would be like without it.† Binge eating was extremely comfortable for me.† It was my easy out.† I could have let my various fears get in the way of not binge eating anymore, but Iím sure glad that I didnít listen to those thoughts.† I found that my true feelings really came out and I realized that binge eating didnít bring me the satisfaction that I once felt.†

I read a great book about fear and decided that I needed to do the uncomfortable to help myself.† If you do the same thing over and over, you will continue to get the same results.† Something had to change in my life in order for me to overcome binge eating.† I had a fear that I just wasnít a strong enough girl to stop binge eating.† I donít know where that fear came from because Iíve done some pretty strong things in my life before.†

Do not let fear stand in your way of overcoming binge eating.† You will get there with a constant effort.† There will be hurdles and you might question yourself throughout the way, but all of that is normal.† RememberBusiness Management Articles, situations like that will only make you stronger in the end.† Keep fighting the fight and stay true to yourself always.†

Always stay empowered and never forget that your future is always up to you.† What are you doing to do to help yourself overcome binge eating?† What fears are you going to squash so that you can get to the place that you want to be?† Do what it takes and keep fighting for what you want!

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Kristin Gerstley is a former binge eater that now has a very healthy relationship with food.† She is the owner of, which is a site that helps people overcome Binge Eating Disorder.† She also publishes a free newsletter offering encouragement, tips on how to stop binge eating, and regain control of your life.

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