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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Drugs and Violence Go Hand in Hand

It has been observed that drugs and violence are closely interconnected. Where there is abuse of drugs, violence automatically creeps in in various forms.

According to a study, 35% of methamphetamine users in the age group of 18-25 years in Los Angeles were involved in violence while under the influence of the drug.

Visit any of the drug abuse treatment facilities in California and you would verily ratify this claim. Drug addicts also indulge in domestic violence, and this study also claims that 92 percent of perpetrators of intimate partner violence had used drugs on the day of violence. Drug addicts also commit sexual violence in many cases.

Some studies also claim that certain drugs have a greater impact in stirring the aggressive behavior in addicts. People who abuse drugs like crack or cocaine, amphetamines and benzodiazepines tend to behave more aggressively than others. Many instances of violence have come to light where addicts of these drugs were involved. While drugs like cannabis and heroin do not incite addicts to partake in any violence during intoxication, the nature of the person also has to be taken into account when linking drugs to violence.

Effects of drugs induced violence in the family

Domestic violence by a drug addict is not new. Even the rich and famous have got entangled in such a situation many a times. Not only does it jeopardize the order and discipline in the family, but it also brings in immense stress and mayhem to the lives of the family members. If there are children in the family, it impacts their impressionable psyche in a much distorted way.

An abusive drug addict husband could be a greater threat to a woman than a stranger. Studies analyzing crime patterns show that more women are killed by their abusive partners than the strangers. Not just physical violence, but even verbal volleys can disrupt the quietude and harmony in the family. The growth and prosperity of the family is severely impeded when there is a drug addict in the family with intermittent violent episodes every now and then.

An abusive drug addict in the family also means draining of finances. There are financial losses to the family of a drug addict as taking drugs is a costly affair. When there is money crunch in the family, even the healthy members become agitated and it could lead to further spark when altercations take place.

How to tackle drug induced violence at home

A drug rehab program is inevitably the only solution in such a scenario, be it the drug addiction rehab programs in California or elsewhere in the country. Do not think that you are alone. It is reported that almost 75 percent people who started de-addiction treatment exhibited violent behavior earlier.

Another important way to address drugs induced violence is to find out the cycle of abuse in the addict. Drug addicts follow a set pattern in abusing others. When you become aware of that cycle, you can anticipate the onset of the spate of violence coming your way. So, you can take remedial steps before hand and avoid any such encounters.

Talk to the person after the storm has withered and coax him or her to get into a rehab to get rid of this vice for good. Discuss the evils of the addiction and how it has adversely impacted the family. Once you succeed to get the person to a drug abuse treatment facilityScience Articles, stick to the procedure without any leniency and you will soon overcome this predicament that hijacked the peace in your family.

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Peter Guilorry is associated with Sovereign Addiction Services for many years. Sovereign Addiction Services provides drug abuse treatment facilities in California.

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