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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Enemies of the Skin

People are born with smooth skin. If you compare and contrast the appearance of a baby's bottom with its face, you will not be able to notice any difference. But if you were to look at the same person...

People are born with smooth skin. If you compare and contrast the appearance of a baby's bottom with its face, you will not be able to notice any difference. But if you were to look at the same person when he or she is in their 60s, the skin on their face will likely be wrinkled and blemished while their bottom is relatively the same.

Does this seem peculiar? Not once you learn the power of the enemies of the skin. They harm the exposed areas of our body, and the face bears the brunt of the attack. Buttocks, the least exposed area of your body, remain reasonably unaltered. The skin on the hands, neck, and face are subjected to environmental factors more frequently and are therefore the most susceptible. Environmental factors including the sun, the cold, and pollution are responsible for most early aging.

The Sun
The sun's UV rays are the skin's worst enemy. Even though they may offer you an attractive suntan, too much exposure may cause skin cancer. Skin reacts to the UV rays by producing melanin, a pigment which darkens skin in order to protect it. Enough exposure to the sun to get a light tan won't cause significant damage, but some people bake themselves to a golden hue because they're unaware of the dangers to their appearance and their health. 

Even if you don't sunbathe, the heat can dry out your skin. And the occasional sunburn causes further damage. Sunburns occur when the heat from the sun dilates the blood vessels, causing more blood to be brought to the surface. This could damage the skin over time. The easiest way to deal with these issues is to avoid exposure to the sun. If you're unable to avoid sun exposure, the best thing you can do for your skin is use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor to reduce the effects.

Cold Temperatures
The cold can also be an enemy of your skin. When coupled with the wind, cold temperatures can dry out your skin and precipitate the formation of wrinkles. In addition, there is the danger of frostbite, which can damage small blood vessels in your skin. Wearing warm clothing and covering your face can help you to protect your skin from the harsh winter, as can staying inside whenever possible. But staying inside has its own set of problems. Heaters remove moisture from the air, which may dry out the skin as badly as the winter winds. In order to shield your skin as thoroughly as you possibly can, purchase a humidifier if you can or keep an open container of water in every room. Use a moisturizer frequently throughout the day, particularly if you might be going in and out all day. 

Air Pollution
Pollution, even if it is hard to seePsychology Articles, deposits particulate matter that can harm the surface of the skin. Using moisturizer helps to create a protective barrier to lessen the harm pollution can cause. Cleansing the skin twice a day can also assist to prevent the particulate matter from harming your skin.

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