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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Eye safety for kids: What type of toys to avoid?

Eye safety for kids: Keep them safe while playing.  Eyes are very important to chield and everyone, so we have to be careful to look after them. Or in fact not even any other adults may have paid att...

Eye safety for kids: Keep them safe while playing. 

Eyes are very important to chield and everyone, so we have to be careful to look after them. Or in fact not even any other adults may have paid attention to it. We buy toys based on the instinct that it is cute and adorable. And no child can also resist them. Toys are supposed to be so. But most of the injuries are caused by these toys. Minor injuries are bound to happen as they play with them all the time. But there have been cases of serious injuries. So, while looking for toys check out for age appropriate, stimulation and safety. 

Common eye injuries due to toy mishaps can range from a small scratch to the more serious injury in the front surface of the eye, also known as corneal abrasion, to very serious, vision-threatening injuries such as corneal ulcers, traumatic cataracts, retinal detachment or bleeding inside the eye. 

So, it is high time to take serious thoughts while buying toys for children. 

What kind of toys should be avoided to ensure eye safety? 

Toys are dear to children. Be it any age or gender. They just love them. Adults including grandparents, uncle, aunts and other family friend, even love to present them. But there are some potentially dangerous toys which threatened eye safety of your little ones. Some of them are listed below:      

Toy guns that shoot any type of projectile: Doesn’t matter whether it comes with a cushy or lightweight dart. These toys are meant to shoot at a distance and definitely has pressure which releases the dart. So, when the darts moves at the speed and hits the eye it can cause serious injury. The extent of the injury may intensify if using them indoors.   

Water balloons and water guns: Water balloons can cause serious injury to the eyes. The force exerted by water balloon can be immense, even on bare skin. On eyes, they may even lead to blunt trauma, retinal detachment and permanent vision loss. Even tiny water guns if used for close range can cause damage to the eyes or you may end up with an eye infection. 

Toy fishing rods or poles: The false hook at the end of the toy fishing rod or poles can get into a playmate or own eyes. This may lead to serious injury. Such toys should at all be avoided. 

Wands, swords, saber or guns: Dressing up your kids with costumes are a fun thing. Along with the costume come the accessories. Fairies will need the wand, cops will need the gun and so on. But all these accessories are pointed and has a potential threat to the safety of the child and the children around them. They may get in their way of fun causing serious injury to the eyes, ears and other sensitive organs. 

Aerosol string: It is a bright and colorful plastic string push out as a stream of liquid from an aerosol can. It looks fun and playful but may cause frostbite, skin irritation and are flammable. They are not environmentally friendly nor kids friendly. Close range usage can cause the aerosol string to come in contact with eyes leading to corneal abrasion. This may then lead to serious eye infections. 

Laser pointers, bright flashlight or LED flashlight: These are no toys. But children love to play with them because of the simulation they create. Temporary blindness, can lead to accidents or increase the chances of falling. But the intensity of the lights are very high and can even lead to permanent vision loss.   

What are the eye safety measures that should be kept in mind while shopping for toys? 

Always consult or discuss with the parents, if you are buying toys for someone else child. Because certain types of toys may not be suitable for the particular child or at least make sure the parents approves of them. 

Go to the stores and buy the toys. Don’t order them online just to save a few bucks and time. Take a close look at the features and understand whether they are safe enough for the child. The age recommended on the packaging is for general use. They may not be suitable for all the children in that age group. Also, the type of toys also depends upon the personality and maturity level of the kid. 

More or less using common sense while making a purchase is the best. You may not want a pointy sword for a toddler even if it is made from plastic or is recommended for children under three years of age. Also, consider whether the child has a younger sibling who would gain access to such toys as wellComputer Technology Articles, even if you buy an age appropriate toy. 

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