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Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Forget Ejaculation Problems With Dapoxetine Pill

Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem, which is common amongst men all over the world. Read below to learn about the factors causing PE and how Priligy can help treat this condition.

Ejaculation is the process of reaching an orgasm or sexual climax, where semen is ejaculated from the penis at this stage. It is a fact that approximately 25% to 35% of men in UK develop sexual problems that are related to ejaculation. There are three major types of ejaculation problems – premature ejaculation (PE), retarded ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation. PE is considered to be the most common type of ejaculation problem experienced by men. This is the disorder where you ejaculate earlier than expected while you are engaged in a sexual encounter. The factors that can cause this sexual problem can either by physical or psychological in nature.

Factors causing PE

Premature ejaculation can either be a lifelong problem or an acquired problem. The factors that can lead to a lifelong PE problem include conditioning, where it is believed that earlier sexual problems (teenage years) can influence your future sexual behaviour (when you are an adult). Traumatic sexual experiences, such as being caught while masturbating or sexual abuse at an early age can also influence your sexual behaviour when you are an adult. Upbringing also plays an important role in you developing this sexual problem. Men who have been brought up in strict environment where sexual activity is considered appropriate only after marriage may find it difficult to relax during sexual activity and suffer from premature ejaculation.

Men in this case may also be unable to stop from regarding their behaviour as a sin or incorrect. Premature ejaculation can also be acquired, the physical causes of which include diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate disease, high blood pressure or hypertension, underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism, excessive alcohol intake and use of recreational drugs. The psychological factors that can cause premature ejaculation in you include performance anxiety, stress, depression, unresolved issues, problems or conflicts within an emotional or a sexual relationship.

Treating PE

Men who have developed premature ejaculation because of psychological factors may find treatment difficult, but perseverance of the treatment can help you treat the condition. You can try out the self-help techniques for treating this condition or go for couples therapy. Medical treatment is also available for treating this sexual problem. Medications such as SSRIs, Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors, have been proven to be effective in treating this condition. Priligy UK, a medication that belongs to the class of SSRIs, is the only prescription medication available for PE. This pill consists of dapoxetine as its chief ingredient, which plays the major role in treating this condition.

Priligy works by increasing the levels of serotonin in your brain, which helps you control your ejaculation and delay reaching the climax earlier. Men using this pill have been able to gain better control over the timings of their ejaculation. They have also experienced almost 200% to 300% improvement in their sexual performance. Priligy is available in the dosage strengths of 30mg to 60mg. Doctors usually prescribe the 30mg dosage to men, which is increased later if no significant difference is experienced. Some of the side effects that you can experience while using Priligy include headaches, diarrhoea, dizziness, bloatingBusiness Management Articles, stomach pain and sickness.

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Kelly Kites writes article on various health related problems. Out of many work of her, one is on information popular premature ejaculation treatment like Priligy.

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