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Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Get white teeth fast at home with this teeth workout

You don't need to go to dentist for white teeth - see a simple 5 step plan to make your teeth white or whiter than they already are without spending thousands of dollars and also... See the only 4 ways to get super white bright teeth like the movie stars got

 Follow these 5 steps for whiter teeth

   1. Start using a soft toothbrush and never brush your teeth with a firm or medium toothbrush again! Firm & medium toothbrushes scrape away the pretty white enamel of your teeth over the long run.

   2.   Use any kind of toothpaste but use whitening toothpaste or baking soda with or without salt to quickly get whiter teeth.

   3. Instead of only 1-to-2 minutes - you are going to start brushing your teeth for at least 2-to-5 minutes 2-to-3 times a day and to help you keep track of your time brushing your teeth - use a stopwatch, kitchen timer and/or watch TV as you brush your teeth.

   4.  Brushing with a soft toothbrush protects your white enamel and using whitening toothpaste or brushing your teeth with baking soda and/or salt are light abrasives that will scrub and clean away any dirty stains on your teeth without damaging your enamel.

   5.  As you do this daily (meaning you brush your teeth 2-to-5 minutes at least 2-to-3 times a day) -  your teeth will begin to get whiter and whiter and go back to its original off-white or white-grayish color and...

If you want to get super white teeth like a celebrity…

You need to have your teeth bleached super white with hydrogen peroxide and here are 4 ways you can do that…

 1.   You can go to a dentist which is the most expensive and most effective way to get bright white teeth or…

   2.     You can use an at-home teeth whitening tray which is like going to a dentist but you have to be your own dentist and performing the teeth whitening on yourself can be very uncomfortable but overall… Doing your own teeth whitening tray cost way less than a dentist and it is still very effective for whiter teeth or…

   3.     You can use crest white strips if  you cannot afford the whitening trays or dental procedures but the white strips only do a good job on the teeth you see when you smile or…

   4.      You can use a teeth whitening pen but these are really only good to help you maintain already bright white or regular white teeth but whatever you do for white teeth…

You have to maintain your white teeth by…

  • Not eating or drinking anything that can stain your teeth like sodas, citrus fruits, or wines and just remember – if it can stain a white t-shirt – it can stain your pretty white teeth and…
  • Do not use firm or medium toothbrushes and…
  • Avoid snacks and sugary foods that cause acid buildup in your mouth that makes your teeth yellow and if you must drink soda or anything else that will stain your teeth…
  •  Drink those drinks using a straw to minimize contact with your teeth and/or…
  •  Eat high protein foods like cheesesArticle Search, nuts and meats and milk with any snacks and sodas to neutralize the acids to prevent yellow teeth.


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Tony Starks has been called a “Beauty Expert” by many people for showing them how to look good naked with and you can look at his ultimate guide to how to get white teeth here

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