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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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How to get ripped - 4 rules any man most follow to get ripped fast

Discover the truth about how to get ripped fast. See the workouts and foods you need to eat to get a better  looking muscular body and also...

Find out what you need to do to get ripped abs.

This article will change everything you thought you knew about "how to get ripped"

1.    Do workouts that build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

When you are trying to get ripped (which means building muscle while burning fat to display those ripped muscles) – It is best that you do not waste your time doing ONLY muscle building or fat burning workouts so…
Make sure you do workouts like circuit training, sledgehammer workouts, tire flip workouts, complexes, and hill sprints and…

You want to avoid cardio workouts (which do very little for fat burning anyway) and You want to avoid doing arm, chest, back, shoulder and leg muscle building workouts unless you want to make those certain parts of your body look better but

You will not get ripped just by lifting weights unless you combine your weight training with some type of fat burning exercise and as an example of workout you can do to get ripped…

You can do 10 power cleans (using a weight about 70-to-80% of your max) and then immediately do 45 seconds of Jumping Jacks after that and you would repeat this cycle 4-to-8 times without stopping for a 10-to-20 minute workout that will build muscle and burn fat making you ripped.

2.    Do intervals and take cardio out of your vocabulary

The difference between being ripped tomorrow or in 6 months is if you do intervals or cardio. Intervals are proven to be the best and fastest way to burn fat fast to get ripped so…  Along with your muscle building and fat burning workouts…
Make sure to add some interval workouts also and do intervals about 3-to-4 times a week and only if you want to…

You can do some boring cardio on your days off but… Cardio workouts are really only effective for people who have just started a fat loss plan and even though you may lose up to 10 pounds or more real fast doing cardio at first…

In order to get more fat burning results so you can really get your body fat percentage low enough to reveal your ripped abs…  You are going to have to do intervals or even tabata training to get ripped fast and unlike a 60-to-90 minute cardio workout…

Intervals only need to be done for 10-to-40 minutes to make you ripped all over.

3.    You do not need to do Ab exercises to get ripped abs

In order to see your ripped abs – you just have to burn off enough belly fat by doing muscle building & fat burning workouts, intervals and eating right and…

Although doing  crunches, sit-ups, hanging knee raises or any other Ab gimmicks helps you build ripped abs  - It does not matter how many Ab exercises or workouts you do for ripped abs – you will only be able to see your ripped abs after you have burned off the fat with fat burning workouts and a good diet.

4.    Eat right to get ripped

This simply means avoiding junk food, staying out of the snack foods isle and eating as many high quality foods as you can like oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, high protein meatsFree Articles, nuts and shakes and…

If you do not like the fat loss results you are getting then just cut back a little bit on how much high quality fat burning foods you are eating everyday and yes…

Every once in a while it is okay for you to cheat and have a snack but the closer you are to getting ripped means you have to cheat less and less on your diet plan to get the ripped body you want but truthfully…

If you keep your workouts intense and eat higher quality foods – you really should not have to worry too much about how many calories you are eating in order to get ripped.

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