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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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How Seasonal Changes Age Your Skin Faster

People who live in areas of the world where the seasons change dramatically summer, to fall to winter to spring have been determined to have skin which ages faster than those living in a relatively constant climate.  While this might sound crazy, science disagrees.  This article discusses why this phenomenon takes place, and some things you can do to help your skin weather the seasons more youthfully.

Well just when it feels like there is no longer anything else that we are allowed to do without worrying about getting wrinkles, they go and throw this one at us.  The periods of time when the seasons are changing is very difficult on the skin.  These changes are much more concerning to the skin during the transition from the warmer summer months, into the winter climates.  The rapid loss of moisture in the atmosphere can account for severe wrinkling if moisture levels are not maintained well during these season transitions.  The issue is that for most people, this is a much larger issue than you would ever believe. 

Over 72% of the world’s population and over 85% of Americans are considered dehydrated.  This does not mean that they are unable to find water to consume or that they never drink fluids, in fact, many of these people actually drink water intentionally each and every day.  The problem is that the amount of water that they believe they need to drink each day is not nearly enough.  And for those who choose to drink sodas, or drink mixes rather than consuming water, the condition is much more severe. 

Dehydration causes many of the skin problems that we have today.  The lack of water alone is not enough to cause it, but the shortage prevents the skin from being able to hydrate and nourish the damaged skin cells before they become permanently disfigured.  This is the case as the warmer months turn to colder ones.  The skin cells are harmed and need nourishment and hydration, but the body does not have enough to provide what is needed, and the wrinkles and signs of aging set in.  As the winter months progress, and the air grows increasingly dry your skin will need even more hydration that before, and without out it your skin will grow worse and worse until you decide to act.

It’s true, water alone will not fix your wrinkles, not once they are established, but it will give your skin what it needs to treat, nourish and heal them over time.  And having plenty of it in the body, will certainly help prevent future wrinkling over the coming months.  Drinking plenty of water is of the utmost importance, but you should also look into a healing cleanser or wrinkle cream too.

No one wants to spend a lot of money on skin care, but at some point we all must get a little treatment.  Therapeutic facial cleansers are a great way to nourish your skin and give it all that it needs to look its best.  These cleansers are far more affordable than a high quality wrinkle cream and while the results are not exactly the same, they do give the skin a younger, more healthy appearance. 

As the leaves continue to turn and a chill creeps into the air, take the time to realize that the weather is not all that is going through changes this time of year.  So is our skin.   And just as we need to wear different clothes to stay warmer and protected from the elementsScience Articles, our skin needs a variety of nutrients that cannot be delivered by dehydrated skin.  Take the time to drink plenty of water and find and use the right cleansers or creams to heal and protect the skin from the harsh realities of winter. 

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Sabrina James is a writer and product reviewer of anti aging wrinkle cream solutions and techniques to help the skin.  Her readers appreciate her honest approach and her sincere desire to help them look their best with vibrant youthful skin.

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