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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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How To Cure Panic And Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Anyone who struggles with the fear associated with panic or anxiety attacks knows how serious it is. These fears are real and can be very scary.  Knowing how to stop an unexpected attack can feel like a true lifesaver for people suffering with the disorder. Many individuals who are unaware of this know-how think that anxiety and panic attacks simply happen and are out of their reach to control. The reality is however that you can acquire the skill to control and stop anxiety at will.

When we are in harms way mother natures fight or flight mechanism tells our brain to release the hormone adrenaline into our body so we can endure the pain or fight and flee quickly. When this occurs in a demanding situation we don't notice the adrenaline increase until we return to safety and the affects wear off. Anxiety and panic attacks are a result of our fight or flight instinct that "burst of adrenaline" taking effect unexpectedly. The symptoms can vary from person to person, but there are some behavioral patterns that are common such as increased heart beat, difficulty breathing, the whole body shaking, chest pain, nausea, chills, dizziness, fainting, people feel that they are losing control, and that they are in mortal danger.

To overcome a Panic or Anxiety attack the first thing you should do is think to remain calm and take control of your breathing.  Remember that these symptoms of anxiety and panic result from an unwarranted burst of adrenaline. Change the image in your mind and your focus. Concentrate on slow and deep controlled breathing to help offset the symptoms of adrenaline and bring the body down from the experience to a normal state of being. 

Individuals who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks do so as a result of some fear they are thinking about.  The negative thoughts of fear take control of their emotions and is the root cause of the attacks.  To overcome the fearful thoughts we must replace them with positive pleasant thoughts. Our minds only allow a response to a negative or positive thought about any given situation at any given time.  Changing the image in our mind about whatever the situation is essential. Doing so and then reinforcing the positive thoughts now in our minds with for example the words "don't worry everything will be okay" is like a natural cure for a panic or anxiety attack.

The mastering of your thoughts and visions from negative to positive should allow you to identify the subjects in mind that cause the attacks. By doing so one can take charge of and control their fear with the realization of knowing that nothing feared came to pass and in fact there was actually nothing to be scared of but the fear itself. 

It is also important to cut down on caffeine and alcohol and make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. I recommend using soothing teas as well as infusions of lavender, valerian and rose hips which have a relaxing effect. Vegetables and fruit juices are also essential, especially carrotsFree Articles, apples and cabbage. I found a very effective guide that helped cure my anxiety and panic attacks naturally and fast without any drugs or counseling. The system is one of the most used methods for treating Panic and Anxiety.

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