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Friday, February 21, 2020
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How to overcome Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety with this scientifically proven method

In 2001 I was recovering from a severe sporting injury that had halted my pursuit of fighting professionally in Japan, I was devastated, depressed and in one of the lowest points of my life, though at...

In 2001 I was recovering from a severe sporting injury that had halted my pursuit of fighting professionally in Japan, I was devastated, depressed and in one of the lowest points of my life, though at that time I was in the early stages of my journey in personal development, I was on a quest to find some solid answers and a solution to my problem. 'Ask and it shall be given' a quote from many famous texts. Medical doctors had given up on me and I was sure asking and searching every natural therapy out there , then I found the answer on my own door step. My Uncle Eddie Emin from Australia one of the worlds highest ranking martial arst masters and a teacher who had studied meditation by Mount Fuji with a master named Mas Oyama. As fate would have it he came to visit my family the first time in 50 years just when I needed an answer most, I had herd stories about my great uncle and read about him in magazines and to say the least he did not disappoint, this was my first introduction to meditation, it seemed mystical at first I couldn't help but be a little sceptical, but his methods worked like magic and where the catalyst to get me to where I am today. My first question to him was "Does it work and how?" Uncle Eddie then said to me "If you heating system is broken and you are in the Italian Alps in the middle of winter, and a repair man stops by, are you really concerned on why what he does work? Or do you want him to just get on with it, who cares how he does it as long as it works. I took the leap of faith, weeks later my body was healing faster then ever and my depression and pain had disappeared. I used methods of calming my mind and body, using some of the hidden knowledge I still use today. The proven meditation techniques coupled with my own unique research in NLP & Hypnosis have helped my clients get the results they always knew where possible.

I was curious to find out what science says about meditation and you can see some of my findings below.

Studies at Oxford University & Cambridge University found that 66% of those recovering from depression that meditated remained stable after over a year Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School found that meditation releases tension, creates the will power & consciousness to be in control of ones life, & alleviates depression, loneliness, hopelessness & despair Dr. Adrian White, University of Exeter reported that meditators showed increased electrical activity in the brain associated with lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state. Neuro Scientist Richard Davidson says that "mental training through meditation...can itself change the inner working & circuitry of the brain University of Queens land & University of California-Berkley researchers cited, in the journal of Current Biology, suggests that meditation can strongly effect attention & consciousness Bruce O'Hara of the University of Kentucky found that meditation boosted performance on tests that measure attention. Neuroscientist Richard Davidson: "Most Americans now realise that if they go to the gym or exercise several times a week, they will observe systematic changes occurring in the body. Meditation is exercising the mind in a particular way. Yale University reports that regular meditation is associated with increased thickness of the brain area related to sensory, auditory, visual, internal perception, and may slow age-related thinning of the cortex.

Does Meditation really work as a Form of treatment to overcome Anxiety, Panic, Pain & Depression?

The session I take my clients through utilizes the most advanced meditation and psychological techniques that assist them in becoming normal once again and building wonderful lives.

Scientists are Stunned by the Body of knowledge supporting Meditation...This is the research that shows the evidence proving why you can overcome your anxiety, panic, pain and even depression, but why don't more people utilise these techniques to overcome anxiety? the answers simple:

Its DIFFICULT, its hard work. And it takes a LONG TIME to get the Results.

That's why I've condensed & utilised the precise methods that are easy, effortless & works every time to create permanent results that don't take years to benefit from and enjoy.

First let me begin by telling you about the research findings (there's actually too much to list so I have just highlighted some of the key points) The benefits of Meditation have been documented in over 1,000 published studies conducted at over 200 Universities, Research faculties & Institutions such as

Harvard Medical School UCLA Stanford University & The University of Chicago?

Meditation says Scientists

Reduces stress, anxiety, blood pressure, panic attacks, insomnia & the list goes on Reduces Hospitalisation by 56% Reverses biological aging and increases longevity The National Institute of health reports that regular meditation can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, health care use, post traumatic stress response & blood levels of stress hormones. Dr. Herbert Benson of The Harvard Medical School reports that Meditation helps heart conditions and high blood pressure. Frank Treiber, P.H.d of the Medical College of Georgia, says that meditation lowers blood pressure, even for healthy young people, creating a 12.5% lower risk of strokes. Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre researchers say meditation improves stress responses, "similar to that of the physiological impact of exercise conditioning" Researchers at University of Maryland School of Medicine report that meditation relived stress, reduced rheumatoid arthritis, decreased psychological stress & improved sleeping patterns. The Mayo Clinic Health Letter says meditation reduces high blood pressure, anxiety, post traumatic stress syndrome.

Without Hesitation It Works! If you are looking to overcome any type of generalised anxiety disorder, panic, addictions or even just self improvementBusiness Management Articles, call me personally today and book a tailor made session or go to

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