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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Improve eyesight food gathering

Well: There is a saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and eye protection has become a very important thing, for friends who often have to face computer, eye health will have a big threat, now let me introduce how to protect eyes through diet conditioning, here to talk with food to improve vision: Overall: vitamin C: tomatoes, lemon. 

Foods containing vitamin A: animal liver, eggs, spinach, red sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green peppers and so on. Calcium: beans and soy products, egg yolks and dark green vegetables. Zinc: oysters, meat, liver, eggs, peanuts, wheat, beans, grains and other. Foods containing chromium: brown rice, animal liver, grape juice, nuts and so on. Pearls and kelp.

Calcium-rich foods, calcium is related to eyes, calcium deficiency can cause myopia. Adolescents are at peak growth period, the calcium requirements in vivo is relative increasing, If you do not pay attention to calcium supplement, it will not only affect bone development, but also can make developing eye wall sclera decreased elasticity, the pressure within the lens rising, resulting in eye anteroposterior diameter of the elongated and lead to myopia. Foods rich in calcium has milk and dairy products, shellfish (shrimp), bone meal, beans and soy products, egg yolks and dark green vegetables. Vitamin C can be reduced light and oxygen damage to the lens of the eyes, thereby delaying the occurrence of cataract, foods containing vitamin c has bell pepper, tomato, lemon, kiwi fruit, hawthorn and other fresh vegetables and fruits.

Besides, we all know that natural astaxanthin can conserve the eye, as well as anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue, anti-aging; enhance immunity; prevent cancer, inhibit tumor; reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; protect eyes and brain systems; efficacy of anti-inflammatory, anti-infection and relieve rheumatic joint pain; protect the skin from UV damage, as cosmetics material is good for beauty; inhibit diabetic and nephropathy.

Astaxanthin is a kind of ˛-carotene, the most important characteristic is that it is resistance to oxidation, when the eye fatigue, there will be generating free radicals, astaxanthin can strongly sweep free radicals, prevent the retina of the eye, macular attack by free radicals, according to astaxanthin suppliers, astaxanthin is also a super vitamin, adult daily intake 3mg above can clear the body’s free radicals, protect the skin, reduce UV damage.

In addition to be determined as therapeutic agent of eye fatigue, astaxanthin may also have a preventive effect on eye fatigue. A clinical trial of eye health studied on no signs of fatigue in the crowd, and the results show whether taking the test subject of astaxanthin or a placebo test subject, only to appear in the premise of visual stimulation intensity eye fatigue, and found that the astaxanthin test group recovered faster. Obviously, natural astaxanthin can prevent healthy people from eye fatigue.

Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin A deficiency will cause rhodopsin regeneration slow and incomplete dark adaptation time, when serious will cause night blindness. If vitamin A continued lack of or insufficient in dietary will appear dry eye disease, further development could become a softening of the cornea and corneal ulcers, also appear corneal wrinkles. The best food sources of vitamin A are a variety of animal liver, cod liver oil, eggs, poultry, eggs, etc; in carrots, spinach, amaranth, alfalfa, red sweet potatoes, pumpkinArticle Submission, green peppers and other vegetables contained provitamin A can turn into vitamin A in the body.


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