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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Many Uses for Botox

Botox has been around for decades. It has many uses.Botox is like a chameleon regarding the number of ways it can morph into applications that serve a variety of medical and cosmetic functions.

Its scientific name is Botulinum toxin and it was originally discovered through research into its association with food poisoning. It is actually a toxin which can cause paralysis but under medical prescriptions and the proper doses, it can be used effectively in a variety of ways.

- Cosmetic helpmate: One of the most widely recognized uses of Botulinum toxin is alleviating wrinkles on faces. It relaxes facial muscles into a smooth and even surface and is quite popular with the older crowd. Even younger people have dabbled in its use in order to forestall wrinkling before it occurs. This practice as a preventative tactic has mixed reviews.

- Hyperhidrosis: Hyperhidrosis is another name for excessive sweating. A body naturally produces sweat in order to cleanse and cool off during hot weather. Unfortunately, some individuals have sweat glands which produce way more perspiration than necessary and which in turn can lead to dehydration and embarrassment. Botox has been effective in treating these problems in the underarm region by temporarily blocking nerves which send messages to sweat glands.

- Prostrate problems: In older men, or those over the age of fifty, the prostrate can become enlarged which causes these gentlemen to have problems urinating. Injections of Botulinum toxin can relax these pathways and allowing free flow of urine.

- Spasmodic disorders: For individuals with muscle twitching, tics and spasms, injections of this substance can cause temporary relief. TMJ and muscle clenching difficulties can be helped, as well.

- Adult acne: Overactive oil glands in the face of adults can be treated with tiny doses of Botulinum toxin. The needle must be miniscule and only go into the skin surface an extremely shallow distance but adult acne sufferers have been helped.

- Migraine headaches: Migraine headaches are caused for a variety of reasons but they are so painful that they can be debilitating. One reason for them is due to the tightened and clenching muscles in the head which create pain and tension. Injections of Botox have been utilized successfully to relax these regions and provide relief for the headache sufferers.

- Vocal chords and larynx dysfunction: Some people have problems affecting their vocal chords and larynx which results in breathy or strangled sounds coming when they speak. This can be a very frustrating problem both for sufferers of the malady and those they are trying to communicate with. By injecting this muscle relaxing medication, speaking and other voice functions, such as crying, laughter or singing, have returned to individuals. This remedy is temporary but may be repeated as necessary.

Botox is a helpful medication for both cosmetic and medical applications. When it is used cosmetically, it isnít covered by health insurance. If it is used to treat a medical problemArticle Search, it becomes a regular prescription drug that is covered by insurance plans. A patient who is interested in Botox usage should check with their physician and insurance provider to be sure.

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