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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Physiotherapy Sydney Concern: Reducing Your Risks for Muscle Injuries

Physiotherapy has lot to do with muscle injuries. It addresses various musculoskeletal conditions which also includes muscle injuries, may they be sports or non-sports related. Many physiotherapists are concerned with muscle rehabilitation and prevention of recurring injuries. If you have undergone a physiotherapy treatment, it is the most benefit for you to apply certain physical therapies to manage your injuries and bring your muscles back to health.†

Whether you have undergone a surgery for an injury or not, a physiotherapist may be able to help you handle other symptoms and health problems related to your injury such as loss of body balance and coordination and limited range of motion. These muscular conditions have to do with deficient muscles. By applying certain techniques or treatments, you can be guided by the physiotherapist throughout your rehabilitation so you can regain your strength and return to your normal physical function as fast and safely as possible.

Rehabilitation after a Surgery

There are certain muscle injuries that cannot be addressed by manual physical therapies. If you have been following the NBA, you could have learned that some players were sidelined due to injuries which they met on the floor. By updating on the player movements, you will read that the injured players need to undergo surgery. One of the injured NBA players is our very own Andrew Bogut, who is playing for the Milwaukee Bucks team.

After you have undergone surgery for your injured muscle/s, your medical advisor may recommend that you take a follow-up physiotherapy session as part of your rehabilitation program. Of course, this will depend on your condition. You could be applying exercises, heat therapies, hydrotherapy and massage as part of your rehabilitation program.

Muscle Injury Prevention Tip# 1 Ė Warming Up and Cooling Down

You could have read somewhere about the importance of warming up prior to a performance. If youíre injured during a performance, itís either you have not been warming up enough or you may have been careless on the floor or stage.

Minutes before any performance, training or practice, you should warm up to condition your muscles and prepare your mind for the activity. This helps reduce your chance of an injury. Also, after every physical activity, you should cool down for a few minutes to get rid of waste products from your body. Cooling down also helps relieve any stiffness or pain you get during the activity.

Muscle Injury Prevention Tip# 2 Ė Maintaining Good Muscles

Prevent muscle strain by maintaining muscle strength and flexibility. I have read stories of many athletes who return to play after a few months or years of rest, hiatus or semi-retirement. They never lost they form? Why? Itís because they maintain the strength of their muscles. Thatís the success behind many comeback stories of athletes who were thought to have retired from action.

There are certain stretching exercises which you can do to develop strong and flexible muscles. How important it is to have such muscles? Well, they help you execute physical movements effectively and avoid risky uncoordinated movements. Stretching also relieves muscle tightness.

Muscle Injury Prevention Tip# 3 Ė Changing Your Diet

Before going out on a physical activity, always have something to eat to provide fuel to your muscles. Hunger during games can cause you fatigue, and fatigue can predispose you to injury.

Have carbohydrates-rich meals hours before a game or performance. Carbohydrates provide you energy so you can use your muscles. When at a game, have a supply of sports drinks ready. Sports drinks can replenish rehydrate and refuel your body during a game.

Warming up, cooling down, developing strong muscles and changing your diet is already physiotherapy at work. This is one thing most of us are unaware of. Injury prevention should begin even before you suffer it.

If you are suffering from muscle injuriesComputer Technology Articles, do not delay to seek assistance from a physiotherapy Sydney practitioner. Neither let your injuries get the worst of you nor delay your return to the game.†

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Stella Shumack is a Physiotherapy Enthusiast. With the aim to share the knowledge to the world, Stella writes articles about Physiotherapy and related topics. If you are in Sydney, Australia, we highly recommend Perfect Form Physio for your Physiotherapy Sydney

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