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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Principles of Hypnotherapy London

You have probably heard of hypnosis, the state of waking sleep, in which the person seems totally influenced. However, how does this method work? Under what circumstances can it be used? Hypnosis Lond...

You have probably heard of hypnosis, the state of waking sleep, in which the person seems totally influenced. However, how does this method work? Under what circumstances can it be used? Hypnosis London can treat numerous health conditions as a part of the hypnotherapy London.
To begin with, hypnosis is a method developed in psychiatry. By short-circuiting the mental processes, it can theoretically make it easier to reach the unconscious. This may help bring back problems or injuries to children.

What are the different techniques of hypnosis London?
There are two additional schools of hypnosis London. The first is based on traditional suggestion. The person facing the hypnotist undergoes verbal, visual and tangible injunctions. This type of hypnosis London was developed by Sigmund Freud and it is a technique that starts from the premise: if you suggest a patient to heal, he can heal. Today, the hypnotists show that they can put to sleep an entire room by practicing this method.

The second type of hypnosis London, the Ericksonian hypnosis, is seeking the active participation of the patient. It is more a state of deep relaxation, during which the patient is able to speak freely. The therapist uses metaphors, that is to say a symbolic language, to guide the subject's unconscious and bring him to find his own solutions to their problems.

When can you be hypnotized?

Increasingly used in medicine and psychotherapy, hypnosis appears effective in the fight against pain, in the process of freedom from certain addictions or bad habits (smoking, snacking ...), anxiety disorders and sexuality phobias. If the mechanisms of action are not known, and many scientists suggest the placebo effect, some hypotheses can explain the success of hypnosis London:

Pain: During the hypnotic state, the production of endorphins is at its maximum. However, these are real natural painkillers, which can reduce the doses of drugs in cases of back pain, migraines, etc.
Quitting smoking: hypnosis London attempts to influence the psychological dependence and to substitute other behaviors. The hypnotherapy London will try to elicit suggestions strongest, e.g. the association between smoking-nausea;
Stress: First, hypnosis, close to the relaxation rapidly decreases the impact of stressors. Then the hypnotic state, can find the appropriate threshold stimulation / excitement of good stress, so that it again become useful.

Is there any danger in using hypnotherapy London?

Capped by a certain mystery, hypnosis refers to a wrong kind of occult power of the person using it. You should not worry, its influence on your unconscious is not omnipotent. There are "securities" in our brain that prevent us from doing anything contrary to our values.

The hypnotherapy London can be of great help for any person that is willing to treat a phobia, an addiction or a disease without using the traditional ways that are used these days in medicine. With the help of hypnosis LondonFind Article, you can get rid of any condition that bothers you and all you need to do is to contact a hypnotherapist for a treatment plan.

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