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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Quantum Healing Author Reveals All

When you take a look at what is happening in your life, you may have difficulty making the connection between your THOUGHTS and what is actually happening. It seems like the two are separate. So, let'...

When you take a look at what is happening in your life, you may have difficulty making the connection between your THOUGHTS and what is actually happening. It seems like the two are separate. So, let's try to connect the dots.

Neither success nor failure happens by accident. The assumption of almost every person is that they believe something or someone OUTSIDE of them is responsible for their present circumstances.

The question that must be answered is WHO or WHAT is responsible for us NOT having what we want? Our parents? Our background? Our education? God? Destiny?

In fact, nothing OUTSIDE of you is responsible for not having what you want, even though it may appear that way. You experience what you experience in your life because you are in asleep and you don't even know it!

Everything that happens to us is because of our beliefs. For example, if you hold on to the belief that you are a victim of your circumstances, or that whatever happens to you is purely random or predestined, you will keep creating that same reality. This also becomes your excuse why others can have what you want, but it can never happen for you.

We live in a universe that is governed by a series of physical laws. We have no idea how gravity works, but we see evidence of it working every day. So it is not a matter of whether we BELIEVE it or not.

ONE law in particular is as certain as gravity and that ABSOLUTELY determines the outcome of your life. This law determines whether you have money, health, positive relationships, success or anything else in your life. It also determines whether you live a life that is full of worry, fear and stress, or a life that is carefree and happy.

This law is called The Law of Attraction. Without understanding how this law affects your life, your life will continue to appear chaotic and uncertain.  The things you react to in your everyday life are a direct result of what you think, feel and believe.

Despite the fact that this law has been around before the beginning of time, most people who pride themselves as being “logical thinkers” will discredit it. They'll say that it's nonsense and it is not based on science or “reality”.

As we know, for centuries we thought the earth was flat. But THINKING something is true or false does not make it so. What REALLY matters are RESULTS we experience when we live by those thoughts.

Let's take a moment and talk about the Law of Attraction and see if we can put it into perspective. You have heard the saying that “like attracts like”. That is absolutely true. Why? Because everything in our universe is made of energy.

Science has proven that like energy attracts like energy. Everything on this planet - in this universe – including our thoughts, are made up of energy. If you don't believe this is true - that everything is made up of energy – then let me ask you this question. What do you think YOU'RE made up of?

You may say, “Flesh and bones”. Okay, then the next logical question is, what are your flesh and bones made up of? Cells? Okay, then what are your cells made up of? Molecules. Okay, what are molecules made up of?

Eventually the answer must bring it back to the basic substance of which we are all made up of. When you run out of the physical stuff, you are left with only one thing: Energy! You cannot deny that we are made of energy. Quantum science has already proven that this is true. All energy has specific magnetic proprieties. We are basically magnets. As magnets, we are attracting things all day long, even if we are unaware of it.

Maybe this is easy for you to understand and accept. On the other hand, maybe your logical mind has trouble accepting that this is real. You may even be thinking that this is a bunch of metaphysical nonsense. It doesn't matter.

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For the past 25 years, Dr Magne has been involved in the field of health and cancer research, investigating the reasons why we get sick, and whether we can get well outside of the medical field, using alternative solutions. She has counseled many clients and conducted many lectures and trainings.

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