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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Remove Pimples Without Breaking The Bank

Counting on prescription drugs to clear pimples is one way to go but the truth is there are less expensive alternatives that are just as effective. Over the counter treatments might work just as well as what the doctor ordered at a fraction of the price.

Treating acne can be expensive, especially if you need prescription drugs and aren't covered by a drug plan. Oral and topical antibiotics, 10% benzoyl peroxide creams, multiple cycles of Accutane - it all adds up. The truth is, there are less expensive alternatives that you might want to try before running up those doctor bills that might be just as effective as what your doctor ordered.

Benzoyl Peroxide done cheap

Benzoyl peroxide is probably the most widely prescribed topical acne fighter on the planet. There's a good reason for that: it works! If you have mild acne, benzoyl peroxide will probably be the first thing your doctor prescribes. Before you fill that prescription you might be interested to know that those cheap, generic, over-the-counter tubes of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide available at your drug store (and probably your grocery store) are just as effective as the prescription version... but much less expensive! A 10% solution is much stronger, so it must work better, right? No. Clinical studies have show that there is virtually no difference. In fact, these stronger formulations are much harsher on your skin and can irritate and peel it. As an added tip, benzoyl peroxide is even more effective when you use a salicylic acid pad or cream beforehand. Salicylic acid (over the counter!) helps the benzoyl peroxide penetrate more deeply into your pores. It's a great one-two punch for mild acne.

Antibiotics? Not worth the money

Antibiotics used to be prescribed all the time to remove pimples but there are many reasons today to take a pass. First, they are inconvenient. Topical antibiotics are a mess. Oral antibiotics can be hard on your stomach and when they aren't they sometimes have to be taken on an empty stomach which may not be ideal. Lately the medical establishment has recognised the danger of breeding new forms of drug-resistant bacteria. This has led to most doctors avoiding antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary, which is not usually the case for acne sufferers. I think this is a good thing. I have always thought antibiotics were a waste of time and money for most acne sufferers because they simply did not seem to work. Antibiotics kill the P.acnes bacteria that infects pimples but acne can be present with no bacteria at all. Antibiotics could never cure acne on their own.

Remove Pimples with Holistic Treatments

If you have moderate to severe acne, benzoyl peroxide isn't going to do much good. Your doctor might suggest it is time to consider Accutane. Not so fast. Accutane is a powerful drug that should only be used as a last resort. The severe side effects have spawned countless lawsuits which have forced Accutane to be removed from the American market. The monitoring required when you are on this drug and the cost of the medication can add up to thousands of dollars and you may have to do it more than once.

Before you try Accutane, consider trying out one of the holistic acne programs available on the internet. By changing your diet and lifestyle, you can alter your hormone levels and perhaps remove pimples without having to take a harsh drug. The best thing is that these programs are almost always "guaranteed or your money back" and the only side effects are good health. Investing in one of these programs first might save you a lot of money if it means you don't have to go on Accutane. That's a great thing.

There's one last thing to say about removing pimples and saving money: don't believe the hype when it comes to all those acne washes, soaps and assorted products. Anything that only stays on your skin for a few seconds before it is washed off isn't going to help you with anythingHealth Fitness Articles, unless your problem is a heavy wallet!

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Erica Jennings is an acne researcher, writer and former acne sufferer. Follow these links for more great information on how to remove pimples and promising ways to clear acne

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