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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Teen Depression - How to deal with it

Sovereign Mental Health Services aims to provide the Los Angeles County mental health community with resources, including programs and treatment for mental health issues and co-occurring disorders.

Teenage is a stage when a child goes through one of the most thrilling phases of his life – a transitional period between childhood and adulthood. New ideas, vast avenues to explore, new relationships, fun and enjoyment are all part of a teenager’s life, who also experiences physical and psychological changes. This turbulent phase generally leads to ‘teenage turmoil’.

According to a California Health Information Survey (CHIS), 21 percent of California teens are at risk for depression, and 15 percent of them are likely to develop bipolar disorder at a later stage. A visit to any of the depression treatment centers in Los Angeles can easily corroborate this fact. These stats should come as a warning if we need to protect our progeny from potential mental health threats. Depression does not discriminate and may strike teenagers of any race, social background, economic strata, gender, high IQ and other factors.

Depression Leads To Other Problems

Depression could lead to other serious complications when a teenager suffers from depression. According to a study, about 30 percent of teenagers suffering from depression are more likely to abuse drugs and other harmful substances.

They explore and avail of lesser educational opportunities because they move around in a close group while missing out on life in a big way. They become susceptible to promiscuous and unsafe sexual behaviors and often fall prey to sexually transmitted diseases. They are prone to other physical illnesses more than other teenagers.

When left untreated, depression could lead to suicides. Around 90 percent of teen suicides account to mental illnesses. Depressed teens are 12 times more likely to end their lives. Depressed teens are likely to have troubled relationships and face hurdles in their studies and jobs later in life if left untreated.

How to recognize symptoms of teen depression

As parents and guardians of a teenager, one has to shoulder enormous responsibility and always keep a check on the child. Know that your teenage kid has depression when he/she:

  • suddenly withdraws into a shell and avoids communication with other members in the family
  • loses appetite and zest for life in general
  • becomes frequently irritated for no obvious reasons
  • fares very badly in studies and other extracurricular activities
  • becomes weak for no apparent physical illnesses
  • starts abusing drugs or other addictive substances

In the advent of any of these symptoms you have to be on your toes and respond swiftly. Talk to your teenage child and gauge the situation. If you feel that the child needs medical attention, do not hesitate to seek medical help from a treatment facility with a good track record. The depression treatment programs in Los Angeles are also among the best in the country. Always rememberFind Article, a timely stitch will save nine and prevent your child’s depression from deteriorating.

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Peter Guilorry is associated with Sovereign Mental Health Services for many years. Sovereign Mental Health Services provides depression treatment centers in Los Angeles.

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