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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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The application of plant extract in modernization of traditional Chinese medicine

The preparation of traditional Chinese medicine plant extract, to single drug preparations and was confirmed with single decoction and decoction pesticide effect and equivalence compound preparation, can respectively preparing the medicine for the role orientation scale extract, medicinal herbs in the prescriptionís proportion and the corresponding scale extract yield, decided the new " prescription " in the herbal extracts dosage scale.

When the traditional Chinese medicine decoct with water, because of high temperature and complex chemical environments in solution, may be caused reaction between material complex, hydrolysis, oxidation, reduction reaction in solution, which generated solution had some new material, the new material on the whole produce synergism, attenuated toxin efficacy and other function. Therefore, for the mixed decoctionís pesticide effect was significantly higher than single decoction, and when it has a large number of new components , it will be preparing decocted extract compound.

As a traditional Chinese medicine preparation of raw material medicine: Chinese medicine and its compound is a complex system, have curative effect material foundation for many kinds of chemical constituents, including inorganic, organic compounds ( such as alkaloids, saponins etc.) and large biological molecules ( such as proteins, polysaccharides and so on ).

Plant extract with good physical traits, high enrich active substance ( such as ginkgo scale extract content is 50 times that of the raw materials ) can use modern preparation technology to make †Chinese traditional medicine preparations that the quality is not random, taking convenient. The first should be clear that single traditional Chinese medicine extract with different scale effect, according to Chinese medicine theory, in order to extract for the group unit, according to a certain proportion of prescription composition (i.e., with Chinese traditional medicine extract instead of Chinese herbal medicines), can be further explored in each scale extract secondary actions, establishment of dose-effect relationship. To extract compound scale, can be directly replace compound decoction clinical use drugs. This makes the yam preparations of pharmaceutical raw materials from the quality not stable raw material or pieces to a quality relatively controllable medicine scale extract, ensure product quality control of traditional Chinese medicine.

Internationally, extract is the important link and means of plant medicine application. In the United States, plant extract accounted for more than 95% of herbal market, crude drugs and other products occupy less than 5%. In Germany, use extract as the main form of herbal products accounted for 10% of the total amount of the drug market, occupy countrywide OTC market in 30%, and the herbal products is considered to be drugs instead of a dietary supplement, and for medical insurance covered. Visible plant extracts in many countries have a good foundation and wide market application.

In China, the extract of Chinese medicine is developing, many research institutions and plant extract manufacturers have developed astragalus extract, kudzu root extract, hawthorn extract and hundreds of kinds of Chinese medicine extract, as raw material of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine health care products, the finished quality progress, the good effect plays a positive significance, at the same time in the deepening effect of traditional Chinese medicine studyFree Articles, expand the Chinese medicine safety research plays an important role.


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