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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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The magic pill to fat loss

Have you ever wonder if there was a secret to fat ... you ever wonder that a few lucky people knew ... about it?Have you ever wonder what secret might be?I am sure you have heard of so man

Have you ever wonder if there was a secret to fat loss?
Have you ever wonder that a few lucky people knew something about it?
Have you ever wonder what secret might be?
I am sure you have heard of so many theories about fat loss that it would make your heard spin in confusion.
Some experts will tell you that the secret lies in your nutrition. You just need to eat better; most people can understand that logic so they go out and learn about 35 different to EAT RIGHT”.  But you are still not going anywhere, so what is wrong?
Other gurus prescribes a load of aerobics or cardio training, so you go out and buy the next big trend in cardio exercise that promise to blast the pounds away. You do it for a few weeks but you are not getting the results promised. So were you lied to or do you just have bad “genetics”
Other experts will say that you need to train with weights to get rid of bodyfat and they show you hundreds of different resistance workouts. So you are still confused.
So if you are still looking for that elusive secret, you can stop looking now.
 The truth is if you only focus on nutrition, you will not get the best results. But then if you only focus resistance or cardio instead you still will not get optimal results.
To maximize your genetic potential and get the best body you ever had, you need to combine the right nutrition, aerobic exercise, resistance exercise with motivation.
It is the synergy created by your motivation, nutrition, aerobic and resistance training that will carry you to the Promised Land.
Unless you are eating in a way that allow your body to become very efficient at burning foods (read metabolism boosting nutrition), then you combine it with some form of aerobic training and some resistance training, you will fail to get desirable results in the long term.
 And finally motivation is what gets you to take action. Motivation is the glue that transfers the knowledge into real life results. Without it all the knowledge in the world will be worthless.
 Motivation is the first and most important thing that you need to uncover if you want to be successful. You need to find out exactly WHY you MUST lose the weight.
Yes, the WHY is more important that the HOW. The WHY will carry you through the HOW. Without the WHY, forget about finding about HOW. Most people have a hard time discovering a WHY powerful enough that will get them over the edge, to live in a body that they can only dream about right now. If you having trouble finding your empowering WHY, please do yourself a favor and download my Free report ”the truth about fat loss” and answer  a series of questions that will help you uncover that missing piece to the puzzle.
Yes here lies the secret
The combination nutrition, aerobic exerciseBusiness Management Articles, resistance training exercise and motivation IS the magic pill you have been looking for.

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Charles Blain is the owner of FitMind personal training and he is a certified personal fitness trainer. His main desire is to aid others reaching their full potential and build their best body though sound advice in the areas of nutrition, training and self improvement. He also walked the talk by shedding 75 pounds of fat himself. He also exposes the shocking and sometimes frightening truth behind the weight loss and nutritional supplement industries. He can be contacted at

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