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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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The management of pain by hypnosis London

The pain is a body language and it is the expression of a malfunction, an alarm signal that something is wrong with your body. Every human being feels pain in a way that is clean, so that the same cau...

The pain is a body language and it is the expression of a malfunction, an alarm signal that something is wrong with your body.

Every human being feels pain in a way that is clean, so that the same cause, according to the each personality, can produce effects of different forms and intensity. The pain is quite an emotional experience and body permeates the pain in a physical form. The hypnotherapy London specialist task is to determine these components and to quantify them.

The use of hypnosis London for the management of pain is validated by numerous studies that show that the suggestions can alter and reduce the perception of pain.

The techniques that are using hypnosis are the mental games and as well as the exercises of the imagination. The therapeutic action is based on the statements of patients who gladly speak through metaphors, symptoms about the pain of which he suffers. The pain is represented like a vise that grips in a tube too close to a scratch, a knife that pierces a metal plate, needles, bent rod, etc.. The hypnosis London therapist uses these metaphors during the hypnosis session in order to amend them or propose others more suited to the relief of the pain.

Treating migraine and headaches with hypnosis London

The diagnosis is the first thing that needs to be established. After that, to according to data that is collected from the interview (precipitating factors, characteristic of pain, type of constriction, beating, burning, etc.)a treatment plan is established. The schedule of the treatment needs to be developed accordingly to all the suggestions that could intervene positively.

When speaking about the tension headaches, hypnosis London attempts to interrupt the cascade of anxiety as well as the muscle spasms (mainly from the neck) and the cranial pain.

Suggestions for therapeutic feeding information from the patient

The patient uses metaphors in order to describe his pain and the therapist works by focusing on the sensations. Every sensation is flexible under hypnosis and the therapist should be aware of this. The compression pain may be appeased by the gradual loosening of a grip, if this metaphor is appropriate to the specific things that are described by the patient:

Stay connected with the patient in order to describe what it would be impossible to get that constitutes its resistance to change.
Observe the progress, the small changes that restore confidence.
The suggestion of coolness on the forehead is often beneficial.
Eyes closed; the subject imagines a scene, a color that feels as soothing. Variations are possible depending on the clinical case.
Achieving the hypnotic state is often enough to stop the pain. The lethargy, the quiet and darkness are soothing elements, which explains that hypnosis London is well suited to the treatment of headache.

A complete cure of the pain can be obtained in tension headache in the early sessions. For migraine, there is rather a separation and a reduction of painArticle Search, sometimes without true healing.

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