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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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When Mosquito Bites Harm

Knowing the right mosquito bite treatment is useful for alleviating the symptoms of a mosquito bite and to minimize the effects on the skin.

Mosquitoes are insects that are found all over the world and numerous species exist. It is the female mosquito that does the biting. The female requires blood from its victim in order to be able to lay eggs and thus produce more mosquitoes.

When a mosquito bites, it injects saliva into the skin and this saliva acts as a local anesthetic so that the victim does not feel the attack. The saliva also acts as an anti-coagulant so that the mosquito can easily suck the blood from its host.

Mosquitoes are insects that bite humans and consume human blood for their nutrition. Mosquitoes breed in warm climates and require still water which they use to incubate their young. For this reason, places with warm tropical climates tend to have mosquito infestation, especially when still water is not disturbed.

Mosquitoes can carry several diseases which may infect the human being that has been bitten. Among these diseases, the most common is malaria. Malaria literally means ‘bad air’.

When a mosquito bites your skin, a small amount of mosquito salvia is deposited in the bite. This saliva contains an anticoagulant which prevents the blood from clotting. The saliva also contains some proteins that trigger an immune response from the body. This immune response is what causes the red color and the bump on the skin that is noticeable on the skin after a bite has occurred.

It is a good practice to make sure that there are no mosquito breeding sites in one’s house or in the vicinity of one’s house. This is the best way that one can avoid mosquitoes. When one has been bitten, the allergic reaction takes place which results in the bump on the skin. Once this has happened, some steps may be taken to minimize the irritation felt. It is good to wash the area thoroughly so that any infectious material is removed immediately. Washing will also provide temporary relief. It is advisable not to scratch the area at all as this will simply irritate the skin and may cause bleeding. If the skin in the area is excessively dry, it may be prudent to apply some moisturizing product so that the skin is nourished. This will help in avoiding the urge to scratch.

Some pastes can be applied to a mosquito bite which will reduce the swelling and the itching sensation. A paste made from baking powder and water can be applied for this purpose. This paste can be kept on the affected area for a small time before it should be washed off. A person who suffers from allergies may be advised to consume anti-histamine medication if there are many mosquito bites. This is a preventive step to avoid any serious allergy from being triggered by the mosquito bite allergy. It is rare but not unknown for this to occur. The logic behind it is that the mosquito bites make the immune system active and this active immune system might attack other parts of the body, resulting in a widespread allergic reaction.

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