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Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Discover The 3 Reasons Why A Mist Fountain Is Your Must-Have Appliance This Winter Season!

Use of air conditioning system and heaters helps us control indoor temperature and climate at home and in the office. Heaters provide higher temperature needed during dry winter months. Similarly, ai...

Use of air conditioning system and heaters helps us control indoor temperature and climate at home and in the office. Heaters provide higher temperature needed during dry winter months. Similarly, air-conditions provide comfort during the cold months of winter. But there is a little known negative side-effect to using conventional heaters and air-conditioners.

Both heaters and air-conditioners cause the indoor air to lose its humidity and thereby create dryness in indoor air quality. Dry air imposes discomforts of respiratory ailments like sinusitis and allergies. It also causes chapped lips, itchy skin, dandruff and nosebleeds.

A great but inexpensive way to deal with indoor dry air is by adding a Misting Fountain to your indoors. It provides the correct level of relative humidity. Increasing moisture in the air can also be achieved by the use of humidifier but they are noisy and more expensive, the fan inside which blows the air through its moistened filter make the noise, in contrast to the soothing and relaxing fog produced by a misting fountain.

A misting fountain quietly disperses its mist in the atmosphere. The tiny molecules of water carry negative ions which break apart from the water as the result of the electronic module pulses. The electronic module built inside a misting fountain vibrates rapidly (at ultrasonic frequency) and sends off water molecules. As the water vapor is trapped in the air, mist or fog is produced and adds humidity in the air, while the negative ions disperse and make the air healthier to breathe.

A humidifier can help maintain a comfortable level of humidity but it is not always convenient to use especially in the homes. Like for example the steam humidifier which boils water to release the warm steam into the atmosphere; it can cause burns and costs high in energy consumption.

The revitalizing effect of a misting fountain makes it a popular means of providing humidity. The negative ions dispersed in the air improve brain activity. The mist creates a restful atmosphere and will calm your senses. The moisture added to the air is very necessary during the hard and dry winter period. Not only does it provides the benefit of clean air, but the hydrated air also helps you improve the quality of your hair and skin. Hydrated air that is created from mist fountain keeps the sinus issues away and improves respiratory conditions. Breathing clean and healthy air improves blood circulation as well.

One of the main differences between a misting fountain and an ordinary humidifier is the appeal of the design. Aesthetic mist fountain design makes it a perfect complement for to your home décor. Adding to this is the safety it offers to your family, no heat involved, no burns; only low-lying fog, swirling gracefully across making it a unique focal point in any room.

These features are hard to find in a noisy and over-priced ordinary humidifier which can only increase moisture in the air. Excess moisture can do more harm than good. It causes corrosion in metals, decay in woods, bacterial growth, molds propagationFree Articles, electrical short circuits and you can name more.

A misting fountain like other simple appliances used at home needs simple cleaning and maintenance to prevent the build-up of microorganisms and mineral deposits. Proper care will make it serve you longer. Every product comes with an instruction manual from where it was manufactured so make the most out of it.

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Amy C. is a water fountain aficionado. To discover how a mist fountain can help you create vibrant indoor spaces, visit tabletop fountain store.

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