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Monday, November 18, 2019
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Mattress Care Tips and Tricks

The mattress you sleep on will determine the difference if you have a good night’s sleep, are tossing and turning or if you experience other medical problems.  Similar to a recliner or your favourite chair, the mattress for your bed is where you will be spending most of your time in life.  For this reason, making sure that you pick the correct mattress and not the lowest name brand or bargain option is very important.

Caring for your mattress

It is important that you take as many steps as possible to care for your mattress.  If you don’t, it won’t last long.  Using a steam cleaning Melbourne service to give your mattress a deep clean is a great idea.  A good service can restore a mattress to nearly new condition, plus they’ll have tips on how to keep it clean.

Rotate your mattress

The first tip is to rotate your mattress.  You want to do this on a regular basis, say every six months or so.  When we rotate our mattress, we are creating an even wear pattern.  When we lay and sleep in the same spot all the time, we tend to put constant pressure on that area of the mattress.  Rotating it removes this issue.

Steam your mattress

Once a year you may want to consider steam cleaning a mattress.  A thorough steam cleaning will remove dirt, dead skin cells, oils and dust mites that are inevitably absorbed by the mattress.  The process a quality steam cleaning Melbourne service uses is harmless to the mattress and can actually prolong its life. 

Use water resistant covers

If you have kids or grandchildren that want to lay in bed with you and eat cookies and drink soda, then you will want to consider purchasing a water-resistant cover.  This cover will help preserve the mattress as well as create a barrier to keep out stray liquids and crumbs.

Don’t jump or abuse your bed

Jumping, bouncing and doing other harsh movements on your bed can begin to wear down the springs.  You want to refrain from doing this on your bed.  Treat your bed as it is intended and don’t go crazy. 

Find the perfect fit

The slightest difference in firmness and hardness will change the feel and wear of the bed.  If you are a light sleeper and move around a lot, then you may want to consider a mattress that will keep you stationary in the sleeping hours.  Make sure to try different positions in the bed and find the perfect spot that fits your sleep habits.

Keep pets away from your bed

Many people like to have the dog sleep at the end of the bed or the cats at your head.  However, over time these animals can do damage to your mattress causing you to have uneven wear patterns as well as damage from claws, fleasPsychology Articles, bed bugs and more.  To ensure that your mattress has a long-lasting life span you want to ensure that only you and your partner use it. 

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